Suggestion vs advice

Hello! How is it going?

1.- I suggest your selling it
2.- I advise you to sell it.

Could somebody tell me when I should use
‘to suggest’ and when ‘to advise’?

What?s the difference between these
two verbs here?

Is it just a question of degree? Does the
use of one or another depend on whether
you want to be ‘heard strongly’ or not by the listener?

Thanks a lot!


I see no need to present different syntax; let’s look at closer equivalents:

1.- I suggest you sell it
2.- I advise you to sell it.

I see no real difference in meaning. Advise may imply to a greater extent that the offering is a result of the speaker’s consideration. However, that may be a personal inference.

Thanks a lot!

I thought there was no difference between them
either. Maybe that slight one that you have said.
It was just one question that suddenly
came to my mind and that?s why I asked it.
Well, but my first sentence is fine, isn?t it?
I suppose it?s more common your first one
but I can use mine as well, can?t I?

So, ‘Suggest+ (that)+simple present’
and ‘Suggest+ (possessive
adjective)+ gerund’ are the same, are?t they?

Thank you very much indeed!


I find suggest + possessive adjective+ gerund very awkward (without the possessive adj it is much more manageable) and would not use it myself.

The other form is actually suggest + present subjunctive.