Suffer or suffer from


Hi dear friends,

Do you agree with the example Longman provided for appaling?

She suffered appalling injuries.

I feel it needs a from after suffering, that is
She suffered from an appalling injuries.

Which one do you recommend?



To me, it looks like this:

The verb ‘suffer’ is both transitive and intransitive in nature.

We use ‘suffer’ when we experience some sort of inconvenience or difficulty as in ‘He suffered a lot of pain when the wound turned septic’.

We use ‘suffer from’ when we experience discomfort associated with illnesses as in ‘He is suffering from a cold’.

So, ‘She suffered appalling injuries.’ should be acceptable.


Dear Anglopihile,

Just like always. Your answer was complete and exact. The verb suffer is both transitive and intransitive.
I even learn from your examples. I did not know the world septic.

Thank you man,


I agree that Anglophile’s answer is excellent. In this case, “She suffered appalling injuries.” means she was injured, while something like “Even a year later, she still suffered from her appalling injuries.” means the injuries were causing her discomfort or pain.


Hi Amir,

Just another use of ‘suffer’ to add to your collection. It can also mean ‘become worse’ ‘deteriorate’ as in - As a result of the new tax laws the profits in that company have suffered. Their friendship suffered because they lived so far away from each other.



Yes, I agree the verb is transitive, too.


Thank you so much for your cooperation.
Seems to me a million year to become master in English ;(((