such a / so a

It is such terrible weather.
It is such a terrible weather.
It is so terrible weather.
It is so a terrible weather.
Which of the above sentences correct grammatically?
Please explain with its relevant grammar.

a weather is never correct. ‘Weather’ never takes the indefinite article.

It is such terrible weather. <-- correct
It is such a terrible weather.
It is so terrible weather.
It is so a terrible weather.

Why is “It is so terrible weather.” wrong?
Please explain.

Hello Allifahitma.

I´d like to add this explanation :

1 - Such + adjective + Noun --> It is such terrible weather.
2 - So + adjective —> The weather is so terrible!

You can use this way as well :

So + adverb —> You speak so quickly!

Such + noun —> I don´t like such people.

— more examples ----

Johnny is such an intelligent boy.
Johnny is so intelligent!

She is such a beautiful girl.
She is so beautiful!

It was such a stupid story.
The story was so stupid.

She is such a nice person.
She is so nice!
** She is so nice person . (wrong!)

I hope this helps.
Have a nice day.

Why is “It is so terrible weather.” wrong?

Because weather is uncountable

You Can say

He is so good a boy

= he is such a good boy

he has so good an education

such a good education

But when it is uncountable , you use just “such”

such good weather


so good weather

Hello Ahmeeeeeeeeeed.

Sorry , but I´ve never seen the sentence “He is so good a boy” . I always use “He is a good boy” or “He is such a good boy.”
Could you please explain it?


Well, It is in My grammar book . And also I asked about this here in this forum somewhere and they confirmed it

Hello Ahmeeeeeeed.

Thanks for replying but could you please tell me the link where they confirm “He is so good a boy” is a correct sentence? I´d like to read their explanation.


  1. It was a quite perfect evening.
  2. It was quite a perfect evening.
    Can we add article - ‘a’ before or after ‘quite’?
    Please explain with grammar.

Hello Allifathima :slight_smile:

It is a good question for a new topic. :slight_smile: I think it´s better you open a new post because the original post is on the use of ‘so’ and ‘such.’ (according to your question :slight_smile: ).



I would like to have that explained too. It’s not correct.

If that’s in your grammar book, throw the book away.

Both are acceptable but the meaning changes slightly.

  1. The evening was absolutely perfect.
  2. The evening was perfect to some degree.

Well that is what I was told here

he didn’t object to saying “so good a doctor”

But he just said I have to use “such” with uncountables

now I am quite confused

And here

An other one said

A grammar guide told me that I can say ‘he is so nice a boy’ while ‘they are so nice boys’ is incorrect.
" … -noun.html

I see your confusion. That is not the same context. The sentence continues, using ‘that’. You cannot use it as a standalone sentence the way you have done above.

He is so good a doctor that everyone goes to him.
He is so good a boy that everyone gives him treats.

These are acceptable (though only just… the usual form would be ‘He is such a good…’ here too!)