Substitute single word - Grudge/resentment

Hi Friends,

I would be very happy if anyone (preferably native English speakers) may kindly tell me the following expression in a single word:

“Latent resentment/grudge against beloved ones”

Frankly speaking, word fails to me to express the above in a word. I am very much eager as to how a native English speaker express the above in his daily life.

Situation: Once I forgot my wife’s birthday. Naturally, I did not wish her and celebrate it in any way. She did not remind me it either beforehand or on the very birthday. Afterwards, she almost stop talking to me and began to behave in such a way that is unbecoming of a wife.


I’d suggest ‘non-concern’ rather than ‘unconcern’.

The word that springs first to mind is “bitterness”. This is especially used with spouses. Another good word is “bad blood”. To me this is used more for friends and relatives, but I guess it would apply to couples too - Taylor Swift seems to think so anyway.

“Your wife is still bitter about your thoughtlessness.”
“There is bad blood between you and your wife.”

I find ‘thoughtless’ a better option in the light of the situation explained and the request expressed for a single word.

However, the indication “Latent resentment/grudge against beloved ones” will match ‘bitterness’ as you say.