Strips of (pills)/ loan

Are these sentences grammatical?

  1. a. Today, Mr.X helped me out with a NRs. 500/- loan.

  2. b. Today, Mr. X loaned (to) me Nrs. 500/-.

  3. To save the money, I filled up the bike with fuel worth NRs. 100/-.

  4. His daily dose/ intake of medication seems to be soaring in recent days. (Is it correct to use ‘up’ or ‘high’ or ‘higher’ after 'soaring?)

  5. She purchased ten strips of No5 tabs. and two strips of PJ capsules with the money loaned to her. (one strip = 10 pills)

Many thanks

1b should not use ‘to’

2 Usually should not have a definite article as money is uncountable. It should only be included if you are speaking about specific money already mentioned.

  1. ‘Up’ and ‘higher’ could be used.

Dear Bev,
Thank you very much for your help.
What about the fourth sentence?

Assuming strip means 'A pack of ’
‘A pack of 10 talets/ capsules/pills’
Are there any other ways to write this?


There’s more than one way to write pretty much anything.

I didn’t understand what you wanted to say.

The word strip doesn’t exist as ‘a pack of’ in all the dictionaries I looked it up.

– I purchased 10 pills of Valium.
Are there any better ways to write?

You’re the one who used the word ‘strip’ instead of ‘packet’.
You also said ‘assuming strip means packet’ - so that is what I assumed.

I assumed it was a local (to you) tradition to sell drugs in strips as we would not have such a thing as ‘No. 5 tabs’ either.

I purchased a packet of ten Valium (tablets).

No5 is the name (proper noun) of medicine.

I purchased one strip of Valium (tablets).

I purchased a packet of 10 Valium (tablets)

I purchased 5 (10 mg) Valium tablets.

I think this is not incorrect.

It’s not incorrect, but it’s not what you asked.

You wanted the equivalent to ‘I purchased a strip of tablets.’
Given that you accept that ‘strip’ is incorrect and you want an alternative, then the equivalent is
‘I purchased a pack(et) of tablets.’
‘I purchased a box of tablets.’

Thank you for your suggestions.

The word ‘strip’ is widly used to refer as 10 tablets in India ( Pharmaceutical industries/companies).
I need to google this word.

Thank you once again.