Stranger than fiction


We often come across a piece of information that’s difficult to believe because it sounds so extraordinary and unusual. When we find this we often say: It’s stranger than fiction. This morning I heard this on the radio and it falls into that category:

A law was passed in the state of Massachusetts stating that you are not allowed to dress a goat in trousers (of course that would be ‘pants’ in American English). Well did you ever?

Any other unusual facts you know about?


Are you trying to claim that Massachusetts has recently passed this law?

Hi Amy!

As much as I understand from Alan?s initial post not he but the radio station he was listening to claimed that. Hope I?ve got it right!

But what I?d liked to add is a law in Florida that sounds unbelievable to me too. It?s stating that women aren?t allowed the parachute jumping on Sunday! Could you shed some light on the truth of that report I?ve watched on TV? Or is it just a tale?

Wondering Michael

This is an example of a very wise and useful law. Why? Because those who do dress goats should be in jail or, at least, visit a doctor, but not walk freely in the streets.