Stop making so much noise...

Hi all of you,

I think it would be correct to say:

  • Stop making so much noise, will you?

However, it would be wrong to say:

  • Don’t make so much noise, will you?

If I’m wrong then please tell me.


You are right.
Another was of saying “Stop making so much noise, will you?” is “Will you stop making so much noise?”
In the second case, the correct sentence would be “Don’t make so much noise, please.”

Thank you Peterkua!

My impression is that “will” is more of a command whereas “don’t” (or do not) sounds more like a request. “Will”, in a way, is a demand of the speaker wanting the listener to do as told — obviously an even strong form, as in military, will just give out the order and demand completion of the task. On the other hand, “don’t” gives some room of leniency whether the listener would do as suggested.

Not sure if it’s entirely correct, and these kind of rules are never curved-in-stone solid anyway, so don’t take what I said for granted.