STOP followed by an object plus gerund

Hello! How is it going?

I have always been taught that ‘stop’ can be followed
by an object plus gerund.

So, Is the following sentence right?

1.- ‘I can?t stop him trying’

I ask this question because I?ve always heard it
as, for instance, ‘Nobody can stop me FROM trying’

Would it be grammatically correct to use
the preposition ‘from’ between the gerund
and the object? What if I don?t use it?

Can you help me to understand it, please?

Thank you!


Hi Jes?s

“I have to stop Jesus from trying to run over my cat.” 8)

Using the word from would be more typical in American English.
In the US we’d also say “prevent him from doing”, for example.

I think in British English you would omit the word from in these cases. (Maybe Alan will verify that.)