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Last year’s most miserable city, Cleveland, fell back to No. 10 this year despite the [color=red]stomach punch delivered by LeBron James when he announced his exit from Cleveland on national television last summer.

What does [color=red]stomach punch mean?

I hope, having read the story two or three times you could well guess what was all about. LeBron James, basketball superstar, betrayed the interests of his club /punched it in the stomach which hurts awfully /.
Despite LeBron James being such a monster, his club manage to remain No.10 this year, contrary to last year’s most unsuccessful display.
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I’m not sure your interpretation is correct. I think it’s about 10 most miserable cities and “No 10” doesn’t have anything to do with the club’s ranking.

Last year’s most miserable city, Cleveland, fell back to No. 10.
And the sentence that follows the passage given by Tofu doesn’t have any thing to do with basketball eihter:

Cleveland’s unemployment rate rose slightly in 2010 to an average of 9.3%, but the city’s unemployment rank improved relative to other cities, thanks to soaring job losses across the U.S.

Hi Eugene and Pechorin,

If you combine parts of both of your answers you come up with an explanation:

LeBron James’s announcement that he was resigning from Cleveland, was a blow (disappointment) for the team and the city, which should have led to the city being even more miserable than it had been previously. However, despite his announcement the city was ranked 10th most miserable city in America last year. This means it was less miserable than it had been the previous year when it had a higher ranking.

Tofu - stomach punch = body blow (literally or figuratively) = extremely disappointing event (figuratively).

Hi, Bee.
I got that, but couldn’t believe it that the fact that the leading player had left the team could be a decisive factor in whether the city became a better or a worse place to live in :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t take it seriously. I suspect it’s just a news reporter looking for a twist to his report.