Still versus Yet

Dear teachers,

These sentences have the same meaning? If not, please tell me the difference in meaning.

a.There is still time.
b.There is yet time.
c.There is time yet.


PS: this question was taken from the forum of the Can tho University.

Yes, they all mean the same.

“There is time yet”, is better than “…yet time” but both are acceptable.


The use of either still or yet in your examples all indicate anticipation and suggest there is enough time in hand. The main difference is really one of style with yet tending more towards a literary flavour.


Dear teacher Alan and hi new member,

please read:

1.We still have 10 minutes.
2. We have 10 minutes yet.

Are they the same meaning?If not, what is the difference in meaning?


Hi Quoc,

You repeatedly ask the same question when you have already had an explanation. Why do you do this?


Dera Sir,

Because I don’t understand. In:

  1. We have 10 minutes yet.
    2.We still have 10 minutes.

  2. I’ll be busy for ages yet.

  3. I’ll still be busy for ages.

5.They’re won’t arrive for at least 2 hours yet.
6.They’re still won’t arrive for at least 2 hours.

7.It’s still before 10.
8.It’s before 10 yet.

Please explain me when “still” and “yet” are interchangeable?When they aren’t interchangeable in my given couples of sentences?Is there a rule?


As I said:

Can you not apply an explanation you have been given to a sentence you yourself want to write/say? One of your new sentences:

doesn’t make sense grammatically.