Sth has it that...

Hey, we all know the phrase “Rumor has it that…” which is used whenever we want to talk about things that are widely spoken of. I wonder, how many ways to use a similar set of words are there? I mean, I remember “The rule has it that…” and I also believe I came across “Tradition has it that…” but I’m not really sure of that last one. So, how is it? Perhaps, “Gossip has it that Ann cheats on her boyfriend”?

These are all possible. However, certain words seem to fit this pattern more familiarly than others. Amongst your examples, “rumor/tradition has it that” are the most familiar collocations for me, while “rule” and “gossip” are less so. Another well-used example is “legend”.

Okay, what about their articles? Becuase we say “rumor has it” even though “rumor” does not seem an uncountable noun (that might be just another way of comprehending it though). Could be just a fixed phrase, yet I’m not sure. At the same time, we say “the rule has it”. So, how would it be with “gossip”, “tradition” and “legend”?

In this instance “rumour”, “gossip”, “tradition” and “legend” are all used uncountably.

Well, that settles it. Thanks a lot!