Stereotypes About Muslims

Loads of stereotypes nowadays are tageting Islam & Muslims…a new cultural fashion, based on fragile clich?s unable to stand rational debate…So, why not DISCOVER ISLAM BY YOURSELF…A sort of DIY website designed for you, to get rid of stereotypes & free your intelligence from old-fashioned propaganda & electoral slogans…
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I think you’re less interested in finding out about people’s stereotypes about Muslims than you are in using this site to proselytize for your religion.

I also think that you’re mistaken about Westerners’ impression of Muslims as being based on electoral slogans. It’s mainly based on the behavior of large numbers of Muslims.

Ajanah, you have posted ad-like messages on this forum desperately trying to promote your website. Why don’t you try and get engaged in an active dialogue with us? How can and your website help us get rid of electoral slogans? What are electoral slogans anyway? Why did you type the subject of your message in captial letters? Are you trying to shout at us?

Hi Jamie,
Sorry to say that you’re so quickly(automatically) jumping to judgement about me, and my intentions! That’s the best example of stereotypes…I knew that my post would stir more than one…Islam is not MY religion, it’s a universal faith…& I’m here to discuss & debate…So, switch off your TV for a while & let’s engage in an open dialogue…Talk to you soon!

Hi Andreana,
Thanks for your invitation to open debate…that’s why I’m here, by the way, since loads of westerners do not really even “try” to understand Islam & Muslims…What you called “ad-like messages” are not meant to “desperately promote” my website! But your reaction was a bit expected, although I feel that my contribution as well as oncoming ones will bridge the gap (I hope) between us…I’m not shouting at anyone, dear Andreana,…so, let’s start our “active dialogue”…Hope to hear from you very soon!! :lol:

The purpose of the debate is to lead people to Islam.

A Muslim in my neighborhood converted to Christianity and began debating religion with Muslims on the Internet. Because under Muslim law the penalty for converting to another religion is death, he was hunted down and murdered. This is not the first case of this in the United States.

Thank you, but I don’t care to debate Islam online. I have investigated the religion, even read its scriptures, and found it lacking, in my opinion. (Your next line is that since I don’t read Arabic I haven’t really read the scriptures. I don’t care.)

This is not a personal swipe against you. I think you need to find another forum for your proselytizing.

Hi Ajanah,

Could you please tell us the purpose of this thread again? Why did you start it by making a statement about westerners. By your defintion, who are westerners? For example, am I a westerner? Or am I an American? I live in an American country which is culturually diverse and in my university there are students from all kinds of countries and cultures. We all share one common goal: To acquire more knowledge and to explore the world. What are your goals? (and I don’t mean, what are the goals of islam or any other religion, I’m talking about you as a person.)

Hi Jamie, (though you didn’t even care to politely & open-mindedly greet)!

Are you telling me to “get out " of the forum? You’re setting the rules & all folks have to “bow”!! That’s a real shame on you :oops:
You don’t even dare say that your knowledge of Islam & Muslims stops at the borders of your neighbourhood…
Just who told you that " under Muslim law the penalty for converting to another religion is death”?
If you “don’t care to debate Islam online”, it’s just because you’re afraid of difference…of your superficial “investigation”!
So, please (another polite expression from me!), if your islamophobia is too indepth in you to even think of questioning it, let other people discover by themselves… Wake up, Jamie, the “American Dream” is dead & buried! :wink:

Hi Andreana,
Thanks for beginning a real “active dialogue”, not just “setting rules” to be applied unquestionably (Hi Jamie :wink: ). The purpose of all oncoming threads, as I told you before, is to get to know each other more, to get closer without any stereotypes, to start from level 0…As you’ve certainly noticed, I hold great respect for all people whatever their religion or origin…as long as I am respected, don’t you think so?
Every time I listen to “Don’t Cry for me, Argentina!”, I do feel that a lot of respect for people’s fight wherever they are …This is my goal, dear Andreana (if I may use that!), to explore the world, the people, the thoughts…
See you soon!

I can produce more such examples, along with present-day case histories of how these orders are practiced today in many parts of the Muslim world, but I will not continue to debate with you, because debating Islam online is dangerous.

As I expected, you have become angry and aggressive, and you’re jumping to conclusions about me and the state of my knowledge that are unfounded. You pretend to know what my life is like, but you don’t. You also made a veiled threat against the United States. You are living down to a stereotype, which is sad.

Hello Ajanah. What do you mean by the ‘American Dream’? And why do you think it is dead and buried? If the American Dream (whatever that might be by your definition) is dead and buried, then what, in your opinion, is alive and kicking?

PS: You might know that using CAPITAL LETTERS means shouting according to the Netiquette which you should be familar with.

:wink: (Exit Jamie, ???) Hope others would comment on that “hopeless” escape from real debate…I am personally ready for free unprejudiced debate online…And believe me, the “danger” Jamie is talking about is again - & I repeat - the live illustration of islamophobia…See you soon! :lol:

I can produce more such examples, along with present-day case histories of how these orders are practiced today in many parts of the Muslim world, but I will not continue to debate with you, because debating Islam online is dangerous.


:idea: Hello everyone,

I would like to start my point with words from the Holly Coran which explain what Islam is all about.

[color=darkred]“That which you have been given is but a fleeting comfort of this life. Better and more enduring is that which Allah has for those who believe and put their trust in Him; who avoid gross sins and indecencies and, when angered, are willing to forgive; who obey their Lord, attend to their prayers, and conduct their affairs by mutual consent; who bestow in alms a part of that which We have given them and, when oppressed, seek to redress their wrongs.” [Al-Qur’an, Sura: 42 (Ash-Shura), Ayat: 36-39]

I also would like to add that one of the many short comings which has arisen in the West, is judging Islam by the conduct of a minority of its people. By doing this, segments of Western society have deliberately played off the desperate actions of many Muslims, and have given it the name of Islam. Such behaviour is clearly not objective and seeks to distort the reality of Islam. For if such a thing was done - judge a religion by the conduct of its people - then we too could say that all Christianity is about is child molesting and homosexuality, whilst Hinduism was all about looting and breaking up mosques. Generalising in such a manner is not seen as being objective, yet we find that the Western world is foremost in propagating this outlook on Islam. So what is the reality of Islam? How does one dispel the myths which have been created and spread so viciously? The only way to examine Islam is to simply examine its belief system. Look at its sources, the Qur’an and Sunna, and see what they have to say. This is the way to find the truth about what Islam says about terror, terrorism and terrorists. One who is sincerely searching for the truth, will do it no other way. The very name Islam comes from the Arabic root word ‘salama’ which means peace. Islam is a religion which is based upon achieving peace through the submission to the will of Allah. Thus, by this very simple linguistic definition, one can ascertain as to what the nature of this religion is. If such a religion is based on the notion of peace, then how is it that so many acts done by its adherents are contrary to peace? The answer is simple. Such actions, if not sanctioned by the religion, have no place with it. They are not Islamic and should not be thought of as Islamic.


Most stereotypes of Muslims are really stereotypes of people from the Middle East. People are shaped based more on the sub-culture of where they come from than their religious belief. I’ve lived in a Muslim country in the Middle East and a Muslim country in Asia and I found people’s behaviors of both countries differ greatly.

Hi Cooliegirly,
Could you tell us more about the differences you found in both muslim spots?

Hi Ajanah, what is your opinion on the latest news in Afghanistan? I mean what do you think of the man who is now facing the death penalty just because he has decided to convert to Christianity?
I really would like to hear what you think on this.