spot on to me

Hello Alan,

Could you please to explain me what means ‘spot on to me’.
I didn’t find in any dictionary even in the Urban dictionary I found this:
spot on to me - isn’t defined yet.

Many thanks:
Svaby Kati


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Hello Torsten,

Many thanks for the correction!!!

Could you please to reveal me what ‘spot on to sb’ means. If you have a little time.

I looked it up but I had never found.

Many thanks:
Sváby Kati

Hi Kati,

I don’t think the phrase is used by native speakers so I wouldn’t worry about it. When you ask a question like this it’s always very helpful when you tell us where you came across the phrase. For example, did you read it on an Internet forum or Facebook? Did you find it on Urban dictionary or did you see it sprayed on a wall?


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Hello Torsten,

I have a custom that in the evenings I read some letters what you and other teachers wrote. As this expression was written to you by Alan Townend I thought You remember it.

your letter:

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Hi, do we really use the term ‘time forms’ when we talk about the tenses? It seems to me that ‘time forms’ is a direct translation of the German term ‘Zeitformen’ and the only correct English equivalent is ‘tenses’. Am I right?

Many thanks,

Alan’s answer:

#2 (permalink) Thu Feb 09, 2012 18:35 pm tenses vs. time forms
Hi Torsten,

Sounds spot on to me. ‘Time forms’ sounds a bit sci fi to me.


Regards: Kati Svaby

Ah, so the expression is ‘spot on’. This simply means ‘well observed’, ‘well spotted’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten,

Many thanks. Thus: well observed.

Good night:

Kati Svaby