Spending a lot of money on wildlife protection instead of starting new projects

Governments spend a lot of money on wildlife protection instead of starting new projects. Is this a positive or negative trend? Give your opinion and examples from your experience.

Wildlife conservation is practice of protecting animal and plant species. Some developed countries have wildlife conservation programs which absorb lots of funding by appropriating governmental budget. I believe that this is a requirement for future and it is more important than stating new projects.
Human industrial activities have had lots of effects to the nature in recent years. When human learned how to extract oil under the earth and use it as a source of energy, technological improvements started but in many cases it has led to destroying of nature. For instance soil erosion in central desserts of the Iran is a major problem. Destroying trees of jungles caused disappearing them and then desserts were merged in central part of the Iran. Now some researches have began to stop this process.
Human sometimes have used natural resources eagerly. These habits have destroyed some ecosystems. Extinction of these ecosystems may have extraordinary problems for human life. For example the Urmia lake was the biggest salty lake in the middle east which has shrunk to ten percent of its fromer area. This event took place because of building a highway inside the lake and constructing dams across rivers which were flew to the lake. Pumping underground water in the area for harvesting is another cause of it. Researches show if the Urmia lake dry absolutely salt tornado will threat people life in the cities around it.
To sum up, it seems that spending money for wildlife conservation programs is a wise activity and is a requirement for saving nature from extinction especially in recent years which our earth experiences major problems such as climate change.

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Hi Mahdi, I’m afraid you did not address the prompt very well in this essay.
You talk about the environment, but you don’t talk about the government spending money and you don’t really talk about saving plant and animal species,
instead you focus on desertification and the loss of lakes, but you have to go on and say how that would affect plants and animals. Here are some suggestions on grammar and word usage:

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