Spend more time to compose sentence

Hi everyone,

I find more difficulty in forming sentences to write a office letter.it annoys me. Anybody suggests me how did we improve composition skills.


One very simple thing you can do to improve is to start sentences with capital letters and insert spaces between sentences. For example:

…write a office letter.it annoys me. – WRONG
…write a office letter. It annoys me. – CORRECT

Only this practice itself gives enough skills in writing.Any other ways to improve.

Bcoz everyday I am reading news and other books in english.On the other hand, I am thinking for long time to make small paragraph.I could not get suitable words in my mind immediately

Your suggesttions are highly appreciated.

You are still making the same error (three times actually!). Look at this carefully:

… small paragraph.I could not … – WRONG
… small paragraph. I could not … – CORRECT


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Oops, thank you!

Sure, you’re welcome.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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