Spend more money on salaries for university professors???

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? To improve the quality of education, universities should spend more money on salaries for university professors.

The quality of education plays an important role in both universities’ prestige and enrollment of good students. There are numberous kinds of methods to enhance the quality of education such as hiring high certified teachers, improving equipment and facilities and spending more money on professors’ salaries. Many people think that increasing professors’salaries can make the education better, while others hold an opposite opinion that high salaries is not the most effective ways for a good education. As far as I concern, it is valid to increase salaries of the professors.

First, the professor uses his salaries to cover his daily expenses. So a higher payment can relieve strongly finacial burden on professors. The cost of living is going up – the rise of price of real estate, clothes, daily commodities. Therefore, university should spend more money on salaries for professors and they can pay their attention to instructing and researching.

Second, higher salaries can inspire the professor’s motivation in teaching. He can invest his money in buying books and some materials which make his lectures more enjoyable. Apart from teaching, a professor need to do research which has its costs. Benefiting from high salary, he is capable of running an experiment, hiring an assistant and buying academic books. Moreover, if a professor receives a low salary, he will distract his teaching from taking an extra job such as operating his own business. As a result of that, he can lose his enthusiasm in teaching which obviously harm the quality of education.

Third, in this competitive world, paying higher salaries is the key point to attract more higher level professors. Undoubtly, the professors with high degree can improve the quality of education and the reputation of universities. Additionally, university with qualified professors are likely to be chosen by most excellent students and their parents. Therefore, it creates a chance for the school to make more profits as well as polishes the its reputation.

To sum up, inproving salaries of professsors is an effective way to increase the education quality of university because it can reduce teachers’ finacial problem of, enhance their inspiration and absorb more intelligent talents. After apply this method, I believe the education quality of university will reach the new stage.

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Hi Qhuong, I enjoyed reading your essay. You have an effective structure and have addressed the subject well. Your ideas and convincing and you have supported them with good examples, though more specific and detailed ones might be better. Your writing is clear, but you do have a lot of minor errors in articles, spelling, and grammar. Also, you have a few word choices that are ok, but that could be improved. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.