Speaking topic: My favorite movie "Titanic"


i prefer horror movies :slight_smile:
but one of my best ones which isn’t horror at all is “music and lyrics”

Hello Aikay,
Welcome a board. Nice to be acquainted with you. I love romantic drama film. Although Titanic is not my favorite romantic drama movie, however I like it. I would prefer the song of Titanic by Celine Dion, rather than the film itself. The song is so touching and reminds me all about Botswana. Anything reminds me about the country is so lovely.

My favorite movie then is Pretty Woman. The first time I watched it when I was on my itinerary to Botswana in 1998. I was on Singapore Airline from Singapore to Johannesburg, and I watched it again, and again, all the way down. It was more than 10 hours flight, and I personally enjoyed it immensely with no seconds of rest! When I reached my apartment at Gaborone, directly I slept soundly till the next morning. A friend of mind, my apartment mate, so worried about me whether I was in a deep jet lag or I was quite dead because there was no sign of life nor light from my apartment for the whole night.

That’s it. I find the film so amazing even after all these years. I guess this film isn’t for everyone, but it certainly did touch the hearts of many. Cheers, Lina

Best love story :- “Somewhere in time.” Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour.
Best horror :- “The Silence of the Lambs.” Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster.
Best western :- “The good, the bad, and the ugly.” Clint Eastwood and Eli Wallach.
Best musical :- “Guys and dolls.” Frank Sinatra, and Marlon Brando.
Best Sci-Fi :- “Alien.” Sigourney Weaver.

titanic is such a gorgeous movie,but sad as well,such movies ,i remember the 1st time i watched it and i couldn’t stop crying after the movie has already end ,my problem is that i always for forget that its just an act action not real i mean ,so i took a decision not to watch it"boycott"lol
i found horror ones eciting and fun ,weird? just to kill boredom by violence lol
music and lyrics is classified as aromatic but not sad,this si my humble opinion about it ,my own criticism .
yesterday iw watched “speed 2” and i liked also ,it has added to my favorite list

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Hi Chem, guess you must be a pharmacist, I can see some prescription drugs right behind you? That was such a good work you did right there. Wish I had a sharp crisp voice like yours. Well, I suggest you use PERCEPTION of life rather than PERSPECTIVE. I think perspective refers more to a realistic image than a virtual subject. Kitos may be able to help us throw more light on this. Aikay.

Hi Fairygirl I must confess that you are not doing badly. Determination is all one needs to succeed in life. It is only when you make up your mind on something that someone else can offer you his or her own ideas on how to succeed. Encouragement is what some people claim to be the brother of determination. My encouragement to you is keep watching movies, keep listening to news, keep reading newspapers and novels, keep interacting with natives and don’t forget sharing your ideas on the forum, remember no man is an island unto himself. Aikay

titanic is the first movie that i’m touched with. Actually i love the actor, Leonardo Decarpio!!
the movie is very romantic and its all about a boy and girl who’s madly in love! they show how a rich girl can fallen in love with a normal guy. it shows her eageness her love and passion! it was interesing that she’s telling all this story to their grand childrens. And wesome she got that chain until now!! i really enjoy seeing that movie and i’m very emotional person i cried a lot. lol. it was hear touching in the last tragedy scene!!
about horror movies! i enjoy but i dare to watch in!! really scared to watch alone with loud volume lol
normally i dont watch horror …
i like romantic action comedy drama.
thx Aikay!
correct my mistake please