Speaking Practice test #1

Hi, I will post my answer to the practice test #1 that you can find here

english-itutor.com/TOEFL_Spe … entor.html

Any feedback and rating is really appreciated!


my personal grade: 4

this is my “ready” answer


my personal grade: 2,5


my personal grade: 3,5

quite satisfied


my personal grade: 3,5

it could be a 4 in my opinion if I was able to finish it on time


my personal grade: 3

I have to definitely look for a 4 in this task, since it is generally easier than the others.
However, I had problems with my fluency. I think that I have not missed a single major point in the answer.


my personal grade: 2

I definitely suck in this answer and I am not able to answer to the last part of the question.

so, my auto-raw score is 18.5.

Average is 3.08333 for each question. According to ets.org/Media/Tests/TOEFL/pd … Rubric.pdf,

I should take 23 or 24 (my target).

Please rate me without any problem and tell me if my opinion is biased somewhere. Thank you.

I agree it is good - but you forgot to mention the plazas :wink:

Yes, your answer was somewhat repetitive and really didn’t give any reasons until the last word. You could have used words like excitement, challenge, with risks come rewards, things like that. I thought your delivery was a 3, but your development was a 2.

I agree that this is very good. You covered all the points. The last few sentences were kind of rough - not sure if that would keep you from a 4.

Yes, I think this would get a 3 because you did not have time to make the main point that the kids took more than one piece because they were anonymous and thus subject to deindividualization.

I agree with your assessment - just not quite smooth enough to get a four, although you explained both solutions fairly well. A working period is called a shift.

Yes, this one is not so good. I wish I could tell you how to pace your answers better. The main question is where the big risk is now, so you need to make sure you get to that instead of explaining what a landslide is, etc. I read a story about this where they interviewed the fisherman, very interesting. They also had pictures of the valley in Alaska and you can see by the change in vegetation how high the wave went. - The passage said “hundreds of meters”, not five hundred meters, but it was actually six hundred meters, so you are not far off :wink: The main points are mega tsunamis caused by landslides, not earthquakes - last major one happened in Alaska with waves hundreds of meters high - biggest risk is Lapaima in Canary islands, which could send a megatsunami across the Atlantic and destroy cities on the U.S. east coast. This is about all you can fit in one minute.

I love how math majors take their answers to 5 decimal places - what is your range of uncertainty? Surely not +/- .00001? :wink:

lol, that’s only because, according to the converting rubric score, an average of 3 is 23 and an average of 3.16 is 24.
So, I am perfectly in the middle, but the neverending 3 starting from the 3rd decimal should give me a 24, my target score!! :slight_smile:

So I needed to specify it :slight_smile:

ps: thank you for you feedbacks. If I have time, I will post other tasks in next hours (my exam being in 15 hours! :frowning: )

Maybe a nap might help your performance more than another task :wink:

Yes tonight I’m going to sleep nine hours at least :wink: