Speaking Practice: Employee is being briefed on how to get travel costs...

I’m gonna practice some speaking about the lesson: Employee is being briefed on how to get travel costs reimbursed.

Hi friend…you sound good in your idea. Appreciations for your efforts. Your voice recording is just normal if not very clear. Why don’t you give us the text version of this podcast in your post to follow it clearly…? Or do you think it will be better to understand only by listening…?

Sure! I’ve forgot to include it when I recorded it on… =/
Link: [url]Employee is being briefed on how to get travel costs reimbursed. | english.best
Here’s the text:

— Here are the steps for reimbursing travel expenses. First, you need to fill out a travel voucher, that’s the blue form here. Take that to your manager, and get his or her signature on the bottom line. Then, take a copy of that form – that’s the yellow page underneath – and turn it into accounting. Be sure to attach copies of all your receipts. You keep the third page, the pink form, along with all your original receipts. Reimbursement checks are cut once a month, and they are separate from your normal paycheck. They usually go out on the 15th.
— OK, blue form to manager, yellow to accounting. I think I’ve got it. What type of expenses will the company reimburse?
— Typically taxi, subway and bus fares; admission fees; meals and drinks up to $30 a day; and any necessary business supplies – either for use on your trip or after you return. Of course, we’ll also reimburse for unexpected costs, such as having to rent a hotel room if your flight is cancelled or delayed, or expenses associated with a lost wallet or natural disaster.

Thank you [color=blue]Filipe.berti…for your immediate response…

Although we, Indians have no particular accent, I have tried to speak normally with enough clarity which would sound as [color=blue]monotone…

Tell me how I have read the paragraph…

Let us have a [color=blue]nice experience…in this speaking practice

Hi Sahid, I couldn’t see/listen to your record.
I guess you’ve forgotten to attach it to this post.

In advance I have to admit that sometimes, when I try to speak faster than normal it also sounds monotone.

I think the point is the enphasis in pronunciation and lessen speed when speaking the main words (those ones that gives the main idea of what is said). I think it must give some tone.

I’m waiting for your record, to compare and check what you’ve said.