Speaking English for 20 seconds a day?


Hey guys, im new here, just signed up a few days ago. Now, I don’t really have anything to say, but I found this thread interesting and thought I’d just hop in and see what happens. I just started a new job today as a costumer service guy for a phone company. I don’t like that job but I need the money. Like Morrissey put it down so elegantly – it pays my way but it corrodes my soul. I love that quote. Next week my beautiful girlfriend and I are celebrating our three months anniversary, which is not a long time, I know. But still, I’m just happy we’ve made it so far. Anyway, I’m really glad to be here, and think we all have a lot to learn from each other. Hopefully we will. And that is basiaclly it. Have a great night and thank you very much.


Hi Peggy I am going to give it a try.

Roses are for ever
Their perfume like a song
When the bloom has faded
The memory lingers on.
They’re beautiful when on the tree
When plucked they quickly die
We do nit know why this should be
We can only wonder why.
Rose are for ever
Their beauty unsurpassed
They’re the loveliest of summer flowers
Summers’s gone when they are past.


Thank you Peggy! Your pronunciation was mush better than mine.



TOEIC listening, photographs: A river view in Saint-Petersburg[YSaerTTEW443543]


I am not quite sure whether I can list myself as an old member, but I am neither a new one. Because I managed to win my laziness and to buy one cheap microphone I am able to do a few voice records now. Life is going well, standard like almost everywhere… although I have been hit by a massive boredom lately. I lost faith in my studies, despite the fact that I am a solid student , I just got bored and my motivation is slowly but surely fading away. I am not quite sure what to do in order to prevent myself from this bad things, should I stop going in university for a while, or should I reexamine my priorities.
Besides this everything is fine, I started reading a book in English. It’s called ‘‘The Norwegian wood’’ . Although I bought it because I believed it’s a sci-fi/horror/drama book , but it turned out to be a romantic book. Still a good one. I think that is all for now. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I have no plans to talk about my daily routine, right now, I will leave that for another time. I want to add to previous message, exactly about reading the book The Norwegian wood. I found the book written by Haruki Murakami, he is Japanese writer. I read two books written by him, but unfortunately I read on native language. There are South of the Border, West of the sun and Sputnik Sweethearth. I love the way he wrote, he is different, certainly. When you read just one his book you will know what I am talking about. His style is unusul and unexpected…

And, B3, if you don"t mind, I would appreciate if you wrote down all have you been saying. You saved message but you wrote differen from that… I want to improve my English and it was easier if all of you do that.
Thank you…so much…



Hi Ivana, thank you very much for sharing your life with us. For some reason, the sound quality of your recording has a lot of room for improvement. Maybe you can try to check your microphone settings or reduce any noise there might be in the background.

At any rate, we look forward to listening to your next audio message.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: In the city[YSaerTTEW443543]


Sorry Ivana for not speaking as I wrote. At that moment, it came to me naturally to add some other words or just to change a concept and speak into another form.
I am already liking ‘‘The Norweigan wood’’, I like the way he wrote, and the book itself is really catchy and easy to read. My biggest suggestions.


Damn, I am listening to myself now. And the previous post when I said ‘reexamine my priorities’, I sound like a Stephen Hawkins…


Hi everyone,

My old microphone make some stupid noise and I hoped that I will cover up my bad English with that noise, but didn"t work. Today, when I was on lunch break I went to shop and bought a new one. I think that the quality of my recording is ok now.

I am here telling you some great news. I got a job for an unlimited period of time in Administrative service of my town. I have worked here for four years and finaly I got that job for unlimited. I must say that my patient is worth it.

Thank you.

Bye for now,


Still have some noise, I don"t know what to do else, really. But it seems to me is better than before.


Hi All,
First of all, I would like to say thank you to Torsten for encouraging us speaking on this thread. Today I got up very early, as I’m an early bird also the sun seems to come out very early in summer. Today is the last day of spring in Australia, I look forward to sunny summer which will start tomorrow. In the past 3 months of spring we got very little rain, all the lawn turned brown looked like dying. Hope this summer could get more rain. Aussie people love sunny days and love out door activities such as camping, surfing, picnic in the park and jogging on the beaches. To me I like walking (fast walk) on the beach. In the evening I’m having some visitors so I will be busy to entertain them.
Have a nice day.


WHAT ARE THE NAMES OF THE SEVEN DWARFS? in the fairy tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Considered the leader of the Seven Dwarfs, Doc is presumably the oldest. He wears glasses and often times mixes up his words. His job in the Dwarfs’ Mine is to check the authenticity of the many gems.

Grumpy is grumpy as his name suggests. He has the biggest nose of the seven and he automatically disapproves of Snow White for the mere fact that she is a woman. However, though initially too proud to show it, deep down he cares perhaps the most for her safety. He repeatedly warns her of the Wicked Queen and rushes to her aid upon hearing she is in danger.

Happy is the joyous dwarf. He is the fattest of the seven and is always laughing.

Sneezy sneezes almost all the time. He has the shortest beard of the seven (besides the beardless Dopey). The cause of his sneezes is an allergy to flowers.

Bashful is the shyest of the dwarfs. Whenever he begins to feel shy, his entire face turns bright red. Often times he annoys Grumpy.

Sleepy is always tired with heavy eyelids. His job at the mine is to haul all the diamonds and rubies by cart to Doc for inspection. He also has the longest beard of the seven. Usually he’s pestered by a fly.

Dopey is the youngest dwarf, and therefore has no beard at all. He is mute, or at least the dwarfs don’t know if he can talk since “he ain’t never tried before”. His job at the mine is to clean up all the unusable jewels and lock up the vault. He is always seen last in line whenever the dwarfs walk to and from work. Although he is scared at times, he can also be very brave especially when Snow White is in danger.


Hungarian beigli-the famous poppy seed or walnut rolls- for Christmas.


I could see footprints in the snow.
2. © snows= an amount of snow that fall some place
The melting of the winter snows caused floods throughout the country.

to snow (v)
It’s snowing finally!

snow chains (n)(pl) Chains that are put on the wheels of a car so that it can dive it over snow.
In some cases, snow tires might be acceptable. In others, the severity of storm conditions might mean you have to use snow chains.
snow cone=crisp snow
All the children were having snow cones at the beach.

snow day = Because of snowing there is days off in the school.
The school is closed today, we have a snow day. There is too much snow for students to travel.

snow plough = a machine to clean the snow
We need snowploughs that clear runway. – the airport chief said.

snow tire -
It’s time to get your winter tires out and remove your summer tires from your vehicle.

snow-capped =covered with snow
With its snow-capped mountains and bright blue lakes, it’s little surprise that Bariloche is one of the most popular destinations in Argentina. –

snow-white - white like snow
My grandmother used to make the beds with snow-white sheets when her grandchildren sleep over.


Hi Kati,
How are you?This morning after I had a cup of tea, then turned on my computer,

guess what? My mount was watering when I saw your Hungarian poppy seed rolls and

walnut rolls. The delicious looking rolls also made me felt hungry.

I also enjoyed reading your snow white and the 7 norm story. You’re amazing

learner, always give us a lot of fruitful vocabularies.

Many thanks,


Dear Unchan,

It’s 6:44 in Hungary.Outside it is still dark because in winter season it is going light at about 8. My husband is still sleeping. Though I think that he had a hard night because I heard moving him in the kitchen at 5 a.m… I woke up then but I couldn’t get out of bed. I was dozing back and I was dreaming. My last dream was very nice, because I had a vivid dream about my 19 year-old granddaughter who appeared in our room by surprise. She was a big girl. And I told myself, she arrived without their parents, but it’s okay because she reached her majority. I couldn’t ask her anything I was so happy that I woke up and I realized that it was only a dream.

I made my coffee and opened this laptop.
I never received notification from Speaking 20 seconds in English thread but now there was a notification of your letter. Dear Unchan,to receive a praise of you it is a big privilege. I saw some cakes what you made!!! You are a real pro.

The photo of these poppy- and walnut rolls are on the Google. But I have to say that my large family say that I could make the best beigli in Hungary.(beigli is a German word but everybody calls this cake “beigli”) That’s why every year I make 12 rolls for that I could give to everybody. I begin to do at 8 a.m. and I finish at 5. p.m. In Hungary there is a competition among the women whose beigli will be the best. I have about 20 recipes but I invented all by myself the 21st.

Many thanks. Your praise really made my day.

Take care:


Hi kati,

I’m very happy to hear that you and your husband are well. It’s amazing that sweet

dreams or joyful dreams can rejuvenate our lives. Every time when I have a nice

dream, I always try to continue the doze by dozing back in bed, but the dream

never go on…and wake up with smiles…Oh it’s just a dream!

By the way, I looked on Google about The Hungarian Poppy seed and walnut roll

recipes, It looks so easy to make them. I think your recipes must be the best .

Could you please give me your recipes? I would like to make some for this Christmas

coming. Thank you in advance!


Dear Unchan,

Now it is late evening. 22:35 pm. I went to bed and I found your letter. I cant the recipe by heart I remember that I make the paste in the previous evening:
1, I sift the flour after lot of butter (more than half of the weight of the half of flour and I crumble up totally homogeneous mixture, I put a pinch of salt
2 I mix together the yeast and the sour cream let it for a while to rest, after I put the yolks, and sugar in it and I put to the prepared flour,
3.You are kneading together, very well-
4. You put in the refrigerator for night on the top a piece of clingfilm to not dry
5. I generally prepare the walnut and puppy filling with lot of dried fruit and sultana cutting small cube.
I go to bed.
And in the next morning I began to bake. It is very exiting because it is splitting very easily.There are some tricks. Preheated oven 200C degree/you have to spread its top twice, once only with yolk and when the yolk dried with a little bit beaten up white and when both are dried you can begin to bake them. I sketched out that you could imagine.I have to make 12 rolls but I think you will make 4 - than the most people. Tomorrow I will send you the recipe for 4 rolls and if you want to make more you can multiply.

Okay, tomorrow I send the weights and if I omitted something.

Take care:


5percangol.hu/images/source_ … week_1.mp3
Can you start next week?

The Robinsons live in Brighton, a town on the British coast. They own a small hotel. The hotel is new but already very popular among the guests who come from other parts of Britain or from abroad. Now, the Robinsons need a housekeeper to help them. Mr Robinson has an interview with an applicant for the job at the moment.

Mr Robinson: So, Miss Smith, can I ask you a few questions?
Miss Smith: Certainly.
Mr Robinson: Well Miss Smith, as you know, we are very busy at this time of the year. Can you work 6 days a week?
Miss Smith: Yes. I’m single, I have no family, so I can work 6 days a week.
Mr Robinson: That’s great!
Miss Smith: I can do the cleaning; I can do the washing and the ironing.
Mr Robinson: … and can you use the washing machine and the dishwasher?
Miss Smith: Of course! I can use any kind of electrical appliances.
Mr Robinson: Perfect! And Miss Smith, can you cook as well?
Miss Smith: To tell the truth, I can do any kind of housework but unfortunately I can’t cook.
Mr Robinson: OK, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just curious. And Miss Smith, we have two dogs. Can you take the dogs for a walk in the mornings?
Miss Smith: That’s not a problem, I like animals. I have two cats at home.
Mr Robinson: Thank you Miss Smith. I think you are the person we need. I have a final question. Can you start tomorrow?
Miss Smith: I’m very sorry, but I can’t start tomorrow, but I can start on Monday. Is that all right for you?
Mr Robinson: Oh, absolutely. It is not a problem if you can’t start tomorrow. You can start on Monday.
Miss Smith: Thank You Mrs Robinson.
Mr Robinson:Thank You Miss Smith. See you on Monday at 7.00 am!

Name the housework in the picture!

a) to do the washing
b) to hoover the carpets
c) to do the washing up/to do the dishes
d) to do the cleaning
e) to do the ironing
f) to do the gardening
g) to mop the floor
h) to water the plants
i) to sweep the floor
j) to mow the grass

sweep the floor

to do the washing

to do the ironing

to do the gardening

to hoover the carpets

to water the plants

to do the washing up/to do the dishes

to mop the floor

to mow the grass

to do the cleaning

From the Hungarian monthly: 5 perc angol