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Dear Unchan,

I am very sorry that I couldn’t send the recipe today. I write to you for that I didn’t forget it. This morning I wanted to translate and I saw that my best cookery book remained in the village where we spent the summer. I have lot of cookery books but I use only this one. That’s why I take it with me to Budapest or to the village. I was very angry with myself.
As my husband tomorrow goes for a check up - as he has having -
a three-week pneumonia. I hope after-tomorrow we can go to the village.

I am very excited that it won’t be snowing. Because lately there were big snowfall they closed the roads. Our road is STILL open unless tomorrow will be snowfall.

Unfortunately I know everything except the weigh.

Take care:


Dear Kati,

Thank you for the poppy seed and walnut roll recipes. Don’t worry about it, please

take your time, you husband’s health is more important, he needs you. Please take

care. I will pray for your husband.

Warm regards,


Dear Unchan.

At last yesterday we brought home the cookery book. I translated. It was very useful for me also. Why?

  • I had to look up lot of words.
  • I prepare myself for the Christmas beigli-s, I will prepare 12 rolls.
  • This Christmas would have been the first Christmas that I didn’t want to make beigli-s. I told my son and he answered me “okay I will make them”. I didn’t notice that he became sad. Nevertheless my husband noticed it and told me that 'restrain ourselves and make 4 beigli-s. 'I called my daughter-in-law and she was very happy and she told me that my son is continuously grumbling why I don’t make beigli.-s. So I decided that if I make I won’t make only 4 but as I used to make every year 12 ones I will make again 12 rolls because the family is big and nobody makes beigli-s only me. So not my son waited for them but the others also.


Beigli for 4 rolls

Ingredients of pastry:
60 dkg flour
30 dkg butter
3 egg-yolk
2 dl sour cream
2 dkg yeast
2 dkg granulated sugar
a pinch of salt

ingredients of walnut filling
40 dkg ground walnut
36 dkg granulated sugar
2 cm vanilla
½ dl water
1 aple
10 dkg sultana
2 tablespoonful of rum(if you like its taste)
(I put some dried fruits in it but now my husband told me not to put them because he thinks that they help them to split. But you are the expert and if you think you can put it 1 dried apricot and a tablespoonful of red cranberry.)

Ingredients of poppy-filling
40 dkg ground poppy
20 dkg granulated sugar or honey
Grated skin of 1 lemon
1 apple
1 or 11/2 dl water
10 dkg sultana

I prepare the filling and the pastry previous afternoon.
First I begin with the filling. You need two pots.
1.The walnut feeling :In one pot you put ½ dl of water, sugar, the split vanilla , you have to stir it ,you bring to boil. Take off the pot from the gas, mix up with the walnut, you can put in 2 tablespoonful of rum.

2. The poppy filling: In the other pot you put the 1 or 1 ½ water +sugar stir it till it begins to boil, immediately mix in it the poppy stir together and take off from the gas. Stir in it the grated skin of the lemon.

Substance of the filling: the quantity of fluid depends on how much is brittle. If you see that the filling is very dry you can put to the both a little more hot water but really they have to be brittle because you put a half of coarse ground apple to spread it on the top of the filling, (the juice of the apple + sugar during baking can make a cream filling from it.If the filling has more fluid it is sure that they will split.

Wash the sultana with hot water, and dry them. You need them later.


  1. Sift the flour
  2. If the sour cream is cold put in a hot water to be lukewarm. Stir the yeast in it. After the yolk eggs and stir till it becomes very smooth.
  3. Combine the flour and the very cold butter -cut into pieces -together crush it perfectly. Add the sugar and the salt and at last in the middle pour the prepared sour cream (With yeast and egg-yolks)
  4. Easily knead together that your pastry will be similar to the strudel pastry. (It is good if you can make it in the previous evening and let it rest in the fridge. If you want to prepare immediately you can cut the pastry after kneading 4 equal part.)
  5. Next morning Prepare the two baking tin. Put a baker paper on it.
  6. You cut the pastry 4 even part. You begin to roll out the first and the others put back in the fridge. You don’t put flour on the desk or very little. You roll it a rectangular about 30x40 cm.
  7. If your filling become very hard you can put a little hot water to it. It’s important that it can spread very difficultly. You bruh the rolled pastry with a lightly beaten eggs-white for the filling stick to the pastry.
  8. Sprinkle the quarter of sultanas and if you want the prepared dried fruits.
  9. Spread the filling in that way that on the upper edge and two side edge 2-3 cm could stay empty.
  10. Sprinkle ¼ part of sultanas on it and grate coarsely a half of apple evenly on the top of filling.
  11. Fold over the 2 sides edges and with your palm press them that they become even.
  12. You can begin to roll the pastry where it is You begin to roll on the part (40 cm) which is near you, where there is filling. You roll it very loose, the part without filling will be the fond of the roll.
  13. You put your roll on the tin. On one tin there can be only two rolls and between the rolls have to be 10-12 cm of distance.
  14. It is complicated to brush the tops. You put two blended egg yolk in a glass and the other glass loosely beating egg white. First you brush with the yolk. Meantime you begin to roll out the second part. Sometimes you see that on the first whether the yolk is dried on it, if it is drzed you brush it with the egg white. and wait that it will be dried. Meantime you do the same with the second roll.
    When you brush with the egg white You have to poke it with a folk or with a needle that the produced vapour could come out. If you don’t poke them to their bottom they easily split from the vapour.
  15. After the first you begin preheat the oven 350°F. It needs about 10-12 minutes preheating. When the second is ready you brush it in the same way and you begin to bake both of them together. You bake them at 350°F for 40-45 minutes until golden brawn.
  16. The door of the oven can’t be opened for 15 minutes.
  17. Don’t cover the cake, put it in a room free from vapour for that their beautiful glitter should remain.

This is Kati 's recipe . Bon appétit !

With love from: Kati


Hi Kati,
I’m very happy and appreciate your explanation of the poppy seed and walnut recipes as you explain them very clearly. I have a doubt to ask you, what does dkg mean? Please

convert it into milligram. I’m sure Kati’s recipes are the best, you’re a lovely grandmother. by the way, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance

With love:


Dear Unchan,

You called my attention that dkg doesn’t exist in English only dag . dkg is an Hungarian abbreviation of decagramme.

Amount: 1 decagramme (dkg = dag)
Equals: 10,000 milligrams (mg)
1 decagramme = 10 gram
1 kilogramme = 1000 gram = 10,000 mg

I am very sorry that it caused a difficulty for you.
So 60 dag = 600 gram = 60,000 milligram
…30 dag = 300 gram = 30, 000 milligram
I hope that this helps you.

I was worth to write a recipe because I learned how English countries say/ use these weights and measures. I have to learn them.

Dear Unchan,

Many thanks for your best wishes. I wish same to you in advance:



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Dear Unchan.

I am very lucky that you asked me to write the recipe. Why? My 19 year-old granddaughter has just written me a letter. And one sentence is:
“I would like to learn how to make beigli one day.”
Now I will copy the recipe and in few minutes I can send to her.
Little things is enough to be happy, now I am very happy. When I read this sentence I burst into laugh.

Take care:


Hi Kati, just a quick reminder that this thread is called ‘Speaking English for 20 seconds a day’. I’m sure you understand the concept of speaking ;-). So in addition to posting your written message, please also record it as a voice message. Many thanks, Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten,

I think that you didn’t noticed that I wrote to Unchan that I am very sorry that I couldn’t read out my letter because my JAVA doesn’t work. I tried to download a new Java-without success, after I asked my technician to download a JAVA for me by Team Viewer. He downloaded. We listened the recorded texts -which were inaudible they became loud.

I was very happy and I try to read out my letters. But the frequency was a straight line and it didn’t react for my voice. Now it is worse than it used to be. On Thursday my technician come to our place and try to download the Java. Please, excuse me till Thursday after I’ll try to read out everything.(there was a period when my record was very quiet, then I wanted to read out the whole recipe to Unchen but I didn’t have microphone.)

#3685 (permalink) Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:33 am:
my last sentence: I can’t record now because JAVA doesn’t work again.

It is very bad for me also.


I would like to read out the recipe also if you give me back the mic .


Hi Kati and others,

Sorry for saying this but I think that you and Unchan forgot of purpuse of this topic, making a big digression… and I feel bad when I want to save a voice message here (for 20 seconds about my daily routine), like I interrupt something… between you two.

I have suggestion, Why are you don’t open a new topic for that…and I want to exchange a recipes with you…

I hope that you didn’t understand me wrong,

Talk to you soon,


Hello Ivana,

First nice to meet you. I am very sorry that my JAVA isn’t good so I couldn’t read out my test and Torsten doesn’t like it if we don’t record our voice. He is right because more difficult to speak than to write. But tomorrow I will make up for what I have missed.
Dear Ivana, it is an accident that we write about recipes if you go through this thread you will see that we speak about everything what just happened to us.

Nevertheless I think your idea is very good because there isn’t ‘cuisine thread’ this didn’t occurred to anybody.

As this is your idea I don’t want to steal from you…do it ! “Exchange your recipes with me” this would be a very good title. I came here now to write an English Christmas pudding. So I am waiting that you set this thread off.

Take care:


Hi Kati,

Nice to meet you to…

Meet me there: english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#500472



Hello Ivana,
I’m very glad to meet you here. Cooking is a routine part of our life, I reckon it’s a very good idea to set another thread about “Exchange the recipes with us” Although we can find any recipes on Google, but some cooking techniques are unique which you won’t find on Google like Kati’s walnut rolls is really unique. Also it’s important to learn how to write recipes as I remember when I studied at TAFE 4 years ago in level 3 learning to write a recipe is a must.

Have a nice day,


Dear Unchan,

How are you? I have known about the flood in Thailand. As you are my single Thai friend I thought of you and your family. I hope your relatives are healthy and they didn’t suffer a loss in anything.

I owe you the photo of my beigli. It was very good only the poppy rolls split because the stuff was soft. But its taste was very good. Please see the photos of 24th December eve on the recipe thread and you can read why I didn’t put on more photos of our lunch on our place.

Now I want to wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR, Dear Unchan.

Best wishes: Kati

My grandson played silly prank and he put a green paprika on the plate.


Hello Kati,
Happy New Year to you and all your family! Thank you for the photo of the Poppy seed and walnut rolls, they looked very nice. I saw your Christmas feast on the other thread I could tell that you must have been very busy on that day. Your dinning table was well done with warm atmosphere. Guess what? I didn’t make the poppy seed and walnut rolls on Christmas day because my Thai friend gave me so many bananas so I had to turn all the bananas to banana cakes and gave them to everyone who came to the temple. I will try to make the walnut rolls some other time. At the moment I’m very busy about looking after a poodle for my friend who has gone to Thailand for 3 weeks. Today I’m going to Thai temple for celebrating our New Year.

Wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous year.
With Love!


Hello Unchan,
Happy new year to you and your family and friends.I think you cook excellent and admire you.
I am not christian but like your festivities.I watched it on T.V the last night.
All people were singing and dancing.

We have also a similar ceremony in our culture.

Could you please tell me about the weather in your country (Thailand?)
For some while I think over a trip to Thailand as I heard many praises from the travelers.

All in all,have a nice time and care about yourself and good luck.



Hello Masmori,
Nice to meet you here. Are you planning to have a holiday in Thailand? I think it’s a very good idea, you know people always say “Thailand is a land of smiles” because Thai
people are very friendly, gracious and helpful. Thailand has long and old histories.
And is a very good place for shopping. There are so many beautiful beaches you can surf, sail or go diving. If you like to explore cold area this time(Dec- Feb) is a good time to travel to up north such as ChangMai, Changrai, Measye(Burmese border). Thailand’s weather is tropical and hot almost all year, Jul- Oct are rainy months. Ayutthaya is an ancient capital which is worth a visit too. By the way, What city are you from? I have some Iranian friends at TAFE their English is quite good.

Wish you a happy & healthy New Year!


Sorry I’m having some problems with Java, I can’t record my voice messages at the moment.


HI Unchan,
Thank you very much for your reply.I was very glad when I heard your voice.
Unfortunately,I cannot record my voice.Java is not working on this computer.
Yes! That is true.A number of friends of mine were very excited when they visited Thailand.
I hope I make a trip in the next year.I am not unfamiliar to the humid and warm weather since I reside in a place with the same weather!!In southern areas of the country I live.
Hope to have a nice christmas.
Thanks a lot.


Hi Masoud, I forgot to tell you that The worst months in Thailand are Mar-Jul because it’s summer time. To avoid the heat and high humidity you could choose to stay near beaches, there are so many cheap beach front hotels to choose from. Also you can get very nice & cheap sea food there. Hope you will enjoy your holidays in Thailand and Please drop me a line after you come back from Thailand.

Have a nice day,


Hello everyone,

today I’m going to the dentist. I wish I had cared more for my teeth when I was younger. Now I suffer the consequences. I’ve been having a root canal treated and before it’s finished, another one has already come up.
I think I have more restorations than actual teeth in my mouth.
I usually get very nervous while sitting at the dentist chair. But nowadays I’m not as nervous as I used to be. I’ve been there so many times that I think I’ve gotten used to it.
Sometimes I meet people who tell me they have never had a root canal treated in their lives. Oh how I envy them.
Some people say it’s got to do with genetics. Well, if it is so, mine is definetly not a good one.
Sometimes I wish I had studied to be a dentist. I find their job very suitable to my personality. But now I’m too old for getting a new profession. Especially one as demanding as this one. It would take me at least five years to complete the graduation course. And then I’d have to stard building up a carreer from the ground. There’s not time enough for that.
This shows how important it is to give very careful thought to a carreer choice when we are young.
Is anyone afraid of the dentist?
Bye for now.
My best wishes to all!!!