Spanish teacher over here

Hi, I’m a young teacher from Madrid. Let me introduce myself by saying that I’m desperate for content! I mean videos, written exercises, all that stuff.

Sometimes I make up my own exercises and sometimes I find them on the net, but you know, the web is chaos. (Btw, this own website doesn’t make the existence of its forum very clear; I’d take a conversation with human beings over “official” content any time of the day, so the forum is really the selling point for me).

Anyway, I just discovered this site one hour ago so I’m still looking around the place.

I work at a new academy in Madrid although for the moment I’d prefer not to say its name (if you really want to know I’ll just tell you over PM). You know, students could actually find out thanks to Google that their teacher sometimes is a little bit clueless :smiley:

So basically, I’m a teacher but I still have a lot to learn and I want to do so.

Thanks in advance!