song's vocabulary

Hi there, " Pawn Shop Blues" is a song, I just don’t understand what does Blues mean, could you please give me a helping hand. Thanks a lot.

‘Blues’ is a song genre - a particular style of song.

I don’t usually use Wikipedia as a source of reference, but in this case it seems appropriate:

It is like we have Ballad, rock & roll, jazz, disco, heavy metal, pops, opera…, isn’t it?

Yes, JLTS, it’s another genre like those.

Many thanks, BN

Hi, Dear Beeesneees, I am very pleased with your response. Whenever I have any problems you would give me a helping hand all the time without delay. Thank you very much.

By the way, how do we pronounce “genre”, BN? “g” as “s” in vision? somthing like /"s"arnrer/?

That’s an interesting question, Joseph. There are a number of variations. Personally I’d try to pronounce it as close to the French original as possible, but here are some alternatives: … mit=Submit
oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … nary/genre

It’s interesting. Thank you BN.

too interesting