Sometimes I wonder, who am I?

Yes, sometimes, I wonder who and what I am. Would somebody please explain to me what this song is all about. People say: ‘It’s easy’ (probably because it’s an ABBA song), however I seem to find something in the text that touches me. What is your explanation.Will you help me please?

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It seems to be about Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities disorder). It might just be someone who is “moody”, but it seems to be stronger than that.

It’s very difficult to understand the lyrics, so I had to look it up.


I don’t play the song a lot of times, because it’s too long. In my opinion, the voices of ABBA were very good. The only thing is, why did they have to be so commercial? As far as the song, especially the lyrics, are concerned, well, I do have a lot of mood swings, perhaps I have a split identity and perhaps that’s why people don’t understand me. No psychiatrist has ever diagnosed that. Do you think they ever would be able to do that? Please help me out on this one, would you?

How come you think that NN and Arinker? I’ll wait for both your answers.

I looked up the lyrics as well. I think this is the type of song that talks about it being lonely for a band on the road doing shows every night in a new town. With 20,000 people all around you, you still feel lonely.

A “trouper” is a member of a theatrical group or “troupe”. A “super trouper” would be one who always shows up for the performance and does their absolute best.

There’s 20,000 people in the audience, but only one is important to them.

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Sometimes I wonder who I am. That would a nice title for a song. Some people say I have a great voice, but I don’t have the talent to write. Do you think somebody could write a text for me and that there is someone who can listen to my voice, so that they can use the right instruments to get harmony?

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Sometimes I feel lonely being among people who praise me, you know. And when I’m alone, I would like to be held by someone - and hold him back - back by someone whom I really love. Some people say sex is part of the lovers’ package deal. If they’re right, ok, but, first 'Hold me in your arms and stay with me tonight, because I will hold you and stay with you tonight.
Yes, you’re right about only one is important to them, to me. You see, he has two sides, I don’t care. The other day, I listened to a song of Freddy Mercury, ‘I was born to take care of you’. In his case that should be: ‘I was born to take care of you two.’

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Super Trouper is the name of the album, and also a song on the album. The song in question is Me and I.

Since I first posted, I looked it up. The song writer has said it’s about “split personality”.

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As a non-professional, I think you have shown signs that something is going on. I’m going by things you have posted publicly, and things you’ve said privately. If you have not been to a professional, maybe you should consider going.

I want to stress that I am not being judgmental. If you wish to talk in private, send me a PM. But I want to stress again that I am not a professional.

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I’ve looked it up and this what I get. The lyrics suggest that within each person, there exist different facets or voices that can both complement and contradict each other. The song describes an inner struggle, where the singer is aware of conflicting feelings and thoughts. The concept of “Me and I” refers to the complexity of the human self and its many layers of identity. Anni-Frid Lyngstad, one of the ABBA members, provides the lead vocals in this track.

I’ve been having an inner struggle with myself, even since I was born. I would like to know why and how I can end that struggle, because it’s really tiring.