something is really going well

:lol: How do you say in business life that something is selling very well and makes a kind of explosion?
By the way I’m a very new member here so HELLO EVERYBODY!

Its selling like hot cakes.
Its going like a bomb.

More formal …

It has captured market attention.
Demand is well above that expected.

BUT WAIT … what do you mean an explosion?

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We have lots of ways to say that something is selling very well.

We can say it’s “selling like hot cakes” (pronounced “HOT cakes”, i.e., pancakes).
We can say it’s “flying off the shelves”.
We can say, “People are buying it like there’s no tomorrow.”
We can say, “They can’t make enough of them.”

I’ll probably think of some more later.

I wouldn’t say, “It’s going like a bomb,” partly because I’ve never heard the expression (which doesn’t necessarily mean anything), but also because if we say a product, book, song or film bombs, it means it is a failure.

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Thank you for the help. One more question, the expression you said can be used in business context?

They can be somewhat emotional, but yes, you can use them in a business context, in journalism, etc.

Hi Xantippa

There are lots of ways you can describe sales.
For example, if you were making a business presentation about Product X, you might describe sales like this:

“Product X was launched in December. Sales exploded in January and have been sky-rocketing/soaring ever since.”

I like your expressions, sounds businesslike, formal. I mean under explosion that it was selling so well, the success was so huge than an explosion in a positive way.