Some various questions

Could you please correct my mistakes on the sentences listed below and give some advice if I’m saying them in wrong way?

  • The bleeding man is lying on the floor or The bleeding man is on the floor?
  • His leg is becoming/become or became numb.
  • He is sick with the flu or He is sick. He has the flu.
  • Her leg is in plaster or Her leg is in a plaster
  • The cat scratched a face or The cat scratched the face.
  • Man is walking on the road or The man is walking on the way.

Many thanks for your help in advance

Kindly, Loretta

  1. either is ok - but ‘lying’ makes it more descriptive and sounds better
  2. his leg is becoming numb or his leg became numb are both ok, depending on what tense you want… could also be ‘his leg has become numb’
  3. either, having it in the same sentence shows that the sick and the flu are related, and not that he is sick and coincidentally he has the flu, but the meaning should be clear enough.
  4. her leg is in plaster - or in a plaster cast.
  5. Hmmm, depends on whether we know what face it was. If there were a crowd of people and the cat scratched one undetermined face then could be a, if we know from context what face the cat scratched then could be the.
  6. on the road sounds better.

thanks a lot, Thredder ! Your explanations are really useful for me! To be honest I did not exepct to get them so quickly. I really like that forum and I’m going to use it in the future!

Great Thanks for recent got answers and could you please also help to chose what option is correct in following meaning:

  1. I’m stung by a bee.
  2. A bee stung me.
  3. I got stung by a bee.

Thanks again!

2 or 3 are fine.
I’d prefer ‘I was stung by a bee’ to ‘I got stung by a bee’, but that’s because I generally don’t like to use ‘got’.