some thoughts

Hi,Torsten Daerr!
A very good morning to you! All these days without any reply from me, you sent me many useful English lessons for me.I really want to thank you for doing so,and i pray it’ll continue till the end…because I like reading all your essays and the lessons you taught me are the best! I would like to admit that all these years I’ve been a silent reader of the letters you sent me. I first read your mail when I was in my 8th Standard in my previous school,Little Flower School,Imphal! Now I’m a class 12 student in Human Resource Development Academy, Ghari, Imphal West. The reason why i never replied was because I didn’t have much guts to reply with my “not that good English” to someone who knows everything about English! But I am right now trying to get over that fear and start to face the world how poor my English maybe.

Well, lately I’ve been digging some books in our school library,and even though there aren’t many interesting ones( especially to me!) I came across some few books of Ruskin Bond, and I fell in love with them. I like Ruskin’s stories a lot, even though most of them are written on usual day-today life’s events. I love them a lot and I’m crazy to search for more books of him! But sadly, our school library didn’t offer much books on him. There is a particular book that I’m aiming to read, but unluckily I can’t find it any of the bookstores I know,so I’m quite disheartened. The book is “The Room On The Roof”. It’s true that it is a very old book and some people might think that it is shocking that I still haven’t read it yet, but I tell you, it wasn’t my fault, unavailability of it in my place forced me to miss that book.

So, Torsten Daerr, will you give me some, at least a brief summary about the book to me in your next letter? I’m dying to know what the book is about. Please do give me a summary about it. I’m quite sure you won’t disappoint me. Thanking you in advance. Take care.

With lots of good wishes,
Laipubam Fabina Sharma,
Manipur, India