Some students apply admissions only to their first-choice university

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Some students apply admissions only to their first-choice university, while others apply to several universities. Which plan do you agree with, and why? Be sure to include details and examples to support your opinion.

Students graduating from high school have to make important choices as applying for universities and these choices might be turning points in their lives. Some students prefer applying to only their first-choice university while others apply to many universities. I assume that it is more reasonable apply for several universities intead of applying only to their first choice.

In the first place, I believe that is very risk applying only to one universities. The preferred university of most of students are the more famous and considered world top university. Therefore, the competition is quite fierce and the chances of not being accepted by this university is pretty high. As the universities open their selection only once or twice a year, you might lost much time of your life trying to entry into them. For example, I have a friend that his dream was to go to the number one university in our country. He had to try four time until be accepted by the university. A very respected company opened some positions missing one year his graduation. However he could not try the admission process, since he had not graduated yet. If he had not lost his time trying only his first-choice university he could be considered in the selection.

In addition, going to another university might surprises you. For example, some times you prefer one university instead of another because you have more information or friends that already study there. My friend, for example, was selected only in her second-choice university. She decided to accept and loved the university. The university turned to be the best university in their field and she had a lot of opprtunities as internships in good companies. 

In conclusion, I recommend students apply for more than one university. Sometimes being accepted in their first choice is very difficult and you can lost time of your life trying to entry into them. In addition, the other universities also might provides you a good hig education.

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