Some quotes I enjoyed!


Here are some quotes for you people. I hope you would enjoy them!

1- The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.

2-A fellow who is always declaring he is no fool, usually has his suspicions.

3- You should never argue with a fool. People may not know the difference.

4- When it comes to picking speed from a dead stop, you cannot beat a bus you have just missed.

5- Extreme fatness is a proof that God does not help those who help themselves.

6- There are only two ways to impress a beautiful woman. Both are wrong.

7- A minor operation is one performed on someone else.


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Amy, did you enjoy any of the given quotes or not?


Hi Tom

Yes, I enjoyed your quotes. But I have to admit, I lost track of them (maybe because the post moved around ;)).

The first quote made me think of my “former life” as a manager in business. I used to have to train managerial personnel, and one of the things that was always difficult to teach was “bending the rules”.

Young trainees would typically learn the company “rules” (as written in the company manual) very well. However, these sorts of “rules” are designed as guidelines, intended for use in the most “ordinary” or “usual” situations, but are not necessarily applicable to every single situation that might arise. Inexperienced management personnel tended to view the company manual as though it were “the word of God”. :lol: In other words, ‘this is the only right way to do things. There is no other way.’ They’d often blindly follow the guidelines and totally forget common sense.

There were often situations where a customer had a legitimate request or complaint, but because accommodating the customer would have meant “breaking the rules”, the young trainees would end up blindly saying “No” to the customer, often making a minor problem much worse.