Some questions with an arrow and a dog-eared page!

Hello Slava

When I open some forum say ‘English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms’, I notice that some questions have an arrow pointing towards a dog-eared page. Could you please explain why? And why are some questions in red and some in blue? Maybe Torsten has discussed this with you before?


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Tom, the links of those pages you have already opend appear in red, the new ones are in blue.
The dog eared page you are referring to is probably the last page of a longer thread but I have to check into this to find what exactly you mean. Why do you want to know?

What a question, Slava! :lol:
I think I can answer that question at least in part — and hope that Tom won’t mind my doing so: I think if you read Tom’s many questions on the forum, you’ll notice an insatiable curiosity and an eye for detail. :wink:

But I guess Tom’s not the only one who wonders about the things he posts questions about. I think people who spend a lot of time in the forum start to notice things that the occasional visitor doesn’t notice at all. I also haven’t been able to figure out a number of things yet.


OK Amy, it is good to know that you use every function of the forum. Gives me a good feeling because I know I’m programming this system for you.

Regarding all the little things you have noticed, I think I’ll have to upgrade the software to the latest version which will take some time. I have added various functions myself that have to be updated too.

Anyway thanks a lot for giving me such detailed feedback.