Some people think that a new language should be invented for people from differen

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Some people think that a new language should be invented for people from different countries to use for the international communication. To what extent do you think its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages?

In this modern age, economy and technology is advancing at a staggering rate. And the internet gets the relationship among people increasingly close. As a result of this, how to cross the gap between different countries and cultures and communicate more efficiently becomes a universal subject.

A global new language seems like the relatively good solution to this subject. In the first place, it would certainly resolve the problem of communication. If people from different countries use the same language, there would be no more misunderstanding and people could talk with each others without any restriction. In addition to borderless communication, a global language could greatly expand the amount of our information. That is, if all of the coverage and publication, such as books, material and news, are of the same language, the information and knowledge would be available for us increasingly by hundreds of thousands of times. What is more, a global language is also an economical approach for companies. It would save a great deal of capital on promotion and translation for them. It would be unnecessary to use several languages on their products’ description and news conference.

On the other side, the unavoidable disadvantage of an international language should not be overlooked. Obviously, it would erode native language of every country. English is a typical example for this, nowadays, as a universal tool of communication. English is eroding a vast amount of lesser-known languages. In this case, these lesser-known languages as well as their cultures are slowly disappearing. However, in my opinion, this process could be slowed down, even stopped. Government should take the responsibility to teach its citizen their native culture while teaching the global language.

In conclusion, by preventing cultural extinction to ease the disadvantage of a new language, inventing a new language is a good option since it helps us communicating unlimitedly, enriching our information resource and saving companies money.

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