Some people prefer to live in small town. Others prefer to live in big city...

Every one has their own preference in living. Some people prefer to live in small town and others prefer to live in big city. In my case, facilities are important so I would like to live in big city. Generally big cities are well developed and they have all facilities like good transportation system, multi specialty hospitals, educational Institutes, shopping malls and entertainment.

First of all drinking water facility, fresh vegetables and electricity supply are minimum
requirements to everyone. If we have good transportation system means we will get fresh vegetables throughout year. In big cities many big companies and mils are there so they require 24 hours power supply. If we live in big city, we will definitely have minimum facilities.

Second health and education are very important to me. Now a day technology improved many multispecialty hospitals are established in big cities only. Reputed educational institutes, business schools and engineering colleges are there in cities. After getting degree we will have plenty of employment opportunities in cities.

Finally shopping malls and entertainment, these two are important. Cities can have large shopping malls and factory outlet shops so we can easily visit them. Moreover no need of travelling long distance for shopping. For entertainment we can have sightseeing places, cinema halls, public parks and Zoo parks, so we can visit during the holidays and weekends.

In small town we can not find all these facilities. If we need good quality of medical treatment means we should travel to city. Not only for the hospitals but also for colleges, shopping and for employment we should visit the city. In small town cost of living may be less compare to big cities, but in some towns no minimum facilities. I am ready to spend little more money if we have all the facilities so I will prefer to live in big city.

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My dear friend, firstly do as I have suggested above, and then read some of the essays that have been written by Yamilet.

You will find them by going back on this thread a few pages. There you will find how to write good descriptive essays.