Some people prefer to live in a small town. Other prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you like to live in?

Both of big city and small town have their special benefit. But I really adore living in small town. I will mention some reason that consider important.

my main reason, the quality of the weather that is too excellent. And, the member of small town usually knows each other and have close relationship. Additionally, the quality of the life is much better.

first of all, in the small town, especially in village, the air is really clean and healthful for all the ages. In the small town, the cars and factory are very scarcely so the weather and also water empty of every bacteria or other polluted stuff that might be reason of illness.

On the other hand, small towns usually are greenly so the amount of the Oxygen is higher that big city. As result, the number of the people that prone to some diseases such as, heart attack, blood pressure and breath problem exceptionally decrease.

Second of all, the people that live in small town usually are so closely and friendly and also, they usually know everybody in this city. they really keen on to help each other for solve the problem. While, in the big city, people usually are too tight and they do not have enough time for other people. SO, I think the people in big city are very alonely and depress.

Finally, the quality of the life in the small city is much better than big city. Because, in the big city, people face with a massive of stress, anxious and overthinking. As result, they will susceptible to a lot of mental and body problem. On the other hand, in small town, people have amply time for spending with their family. So, they usually have cheerful and lovely family that lead to, the quality of the life in small city is too higher than the big city life.

In conclusion, in my opinion, living in small town have a lot of beneficial that make it so pleasant and easier for me. So, I really love living in the small city.


Hi Bitarooh, many thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I read your essay and understood every single point you were trying to make so you are on the right track.