Some people believe that university students should be require to attend classes.Others believe that going to class should be optional for students. which point of view do you agree with?

In my opinion, taking part in university classes have a lot of advantages which you cannot reach them with self-study or read science books by yourself. You could learn your lesson much better in your class when your teacher explains that lesson. And also, you have interaction with your classmate and it helps you to learn better. Additionally, by taking part in class, you must learn some of skills that they are essential for your own life. I will clarify my reasons which I have just mentioned.

First of all, by taking part in the class, you could use the knowledge of your teacher. And also, by taking note from some important points in your class, you will increase the level of your learning. And you could memorize better that lesson. Moreover, your teachers could enlighten whole aspect of lesson which it makes easy that lesson for learning.

Second of all, interaction with your classmate about special subject is very beneficial in better understanding. Because, you could say your idea about some important part of lesson and defend of your idea too. And also, you listen the classmate thought. And, you could concur with them or discuss to them in friendly atmosphere.

And finally, you reach to some skills that these are vitality for your own life. For example, you learn team work and collaboration in friendly space. And also, you learn responsibility. For instance, being in specific place and time and also, doing your duty in determine time.

As result, taking part in class have a lot of benefit such as, learning some skills, all aspect of lesson is enlightened for you and you have useful interaction with your classmate that are very helpful in better understanding.


Maybe we can do this one sentence at a time?

In my opinion taking part in university classes has a lot of benefits which you don’t have access to if you only rely on self-study or read science books by yourself.

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