some of the work(s) that I've done


“These are some of the work that I’ve done recently”.

Does the word “work” here has to be in plural?

Thanks for your time.

Hi Rickyrocky,

The most natural sentence would be:

  • This is some of the work that I’ve done recently”.

If you use ‘these are’ in the sentence, then you must use a plural noun such as ‘works’. However, in your sentence, the plural form ‘works’ would have to refer to something such as individual works of art – e.g. a number of individual sculptures or paintings.

Note that it would also be possible to refer to ‘my works of art’ collectively (with the singular noun) as ‘my work’.

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Hi Rickyrocky,

Your sentence is:

“These are some of the work that I’ve done recently”.

The noun work is listed as an uncountable noun in the dictionary. But in term of engineer, work is used as a countable noun with considerable frequency. So it can plays two role, one is countable noun and another is uncountable noun.

To express more my ideas, there are some examples:
There are some works that I have to do. --> Works must be in plural
There is some of the work that I have to do. --> Work is being in single and is an uncountable noun
There are some of the works that I have to do. -->Works are being in plural and are countable nouns

Three sentences above are grammatically correct. Therefore, I suggest you use the works in plural because your sentence uses “There are” to express the works in plural nouns.

Kim Sa

thanks for your explanation.
I sort of grasp the meaning of it now,

Actually, I wanted to say that I’ve done 3 songs recently.
So, it should be “These are some of the work I’ve done recently”, am I right?


Hi Rickyrocky,

If you wrote three songs, or if you recorded three songs, then those can be viewed individually as “works” or they can be viewed collectively as “work”.

[size=125]No![/size] That sentence is grammatically incorrect. You can use either of the following:

  • “[color=blue]These are some of the [color=blue]work[size=117]s[/size] I’ve done recently.”

  • “[color=green]This is some of the [color=green]work I’ve done recently.”

I think you would be much better off using the collective noun ‘work’ in your sentence (i.e. as in the second sentence above). That would be the more commonly used version.


Grammatically, the noun must be plural in that sentence, however you have not used “works” appropriately, Palabattle. That is a terrible example for usage.

Sorry, Palabattle, but this is another bad usage example.

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I see. Could you explain what do you mean by “collectively”? Do you mind to give some example?
I have 3 songs which are in different genre.
What would you suggest?

Thanks again for the prompt reply.


I think I should use “This is a collection of work I’ve done recently”.
Correct me if I am wrong again. Thanks.

That’s fine, Rickyrocky.

You could also say, “This is a collection of my recent work.”

Thanks Beeesneees.

I think the way we use the word “work” and “food” are the same here?

Just like we normally say: “There ‘is’ so much food here”.

The English language has so much inconsistencies and oddities…

That’s what makes English so very interesting.

[size=92]By the way, you can say either ‘many inconsistencies’ or ‘much inconsistency’, but you can only say ‘many inconsistencies and oddities’ (not ‘much’).[/size]

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Yeah… I agree…
Cool …noted ^^