Some like it wet

Last night as I was about to go up to bed, I heard a strange noise sounding like a pitter patter that appeared to be above the roof covering the extension at the side of the house. Could it be mice or possibly (horrible thought) rats? I was beginning to panic and wondered what on earth was going on. I remained calm and decided to investigate. The noise increased - the ‘mice’ were obviously having a lovely time. I then put my head outside and felt something on my face. Yes, it was - wait for it - rain. It was like an elixir. Sadly it lasted just a few seconds. And then this morning the heat was back and like the rest of the U.K. I shall have to continue to boil.


Hi Alan, it’s been pretty much the same story all over western Europe and the heatwave has even caused more than 50 forest fires in Sweden so I guess we have to wait another week or so until the rain comes back.