Some like it hot


Are you someone who loves constant sunshine every day without interruption? I don’t. How about you?



I like sunshine all the time and would love to live in a place where the sun is always shining.:sun_with_face:


How about the equator? The sun is the God it means without it the life is impossible but when it is too hot is unbearable. Have a nice day.


Out of the countries near the equator The Malidives would be my favourite but I wouldn’t want to stay there all the time. What about you, Kolev? What is your favourite country?


I am sure that the sun is beneficial and of course it is essential for life in its different forms. The trouble is that in the UK non-stop sunshine is very unusual and over the last few weeks it has just been going on and on and for someone like me it is just too much!



Alan, you should come to Volgograd in the summer months, we have around 40 degrees all day every day :-).


Thank God we don’t have 40 deg every day here in Timisoara.
Our normal summer days are between 28-35 C, but there are always periods with over-hot temperatures, up to 40- 42 C.
I wonder how could I resist last summer an entire day visiting Madrid at 47 C. At 6 p.m. it was 42 that day.
Definitly, I love hot summer days as summer is my favorite season, but not with 40 day after day for a week.
If possible, I just ask for a break, then the hot-heat can start again, I don’t mind :smiley:


i like sunshine. I don’t like rainny day, make me depressed


Hello :slight_smile: As for me two weeks ago it was hot and I wanted it cool, now it`s foggy but I want it hot. And by the way today July 17 “World Emoji Day” Have a nice day, Alan!


Thank you, Dina. How are your school pupils behaving?



Good morning Alan, those whom I taught entered the Universities ) Now I explain adults how to work with computers and they are like pupils ) I found that people are young while they are learning.Also I am making my first steps in programming, What about your pupils or students I ve read you have a great experience. Tell about your pupils what are they doing now? Are some becoming writers and professors like you?

Sincerely yours,


Oh Yana!! My pupils/students have obviously moved on and I have no idea what they are up to. You have to remember that I have now been retired for 25 years and that’s a long time and I am now very ancient!



Ancient are Paton and Aristotel you are too young, Alan ) you and Torsten have lots of on-line pupils nearly 50 000 subscribes at the site it`s 3 times more than in Cambridge!


An interesting material related to the recent heat wave:


My favorite country is Switzerland.I have been there several times.Once i pretended to be even a student during 1999-2000 in Le Locle.It is very nice country and during the summer temperature does not exceed 33 degrees. My favorite lake is Neuchâtel.