Some ideas on activities I can use as a 'Warm up' before beginning a lesson

Would you please give some ideas on activities I can use as a Warm up before beginning a lesson. if you can, send me some very explicit examples.

I don’t know if this would fit into a standard curriculum, but there’s a song in the movie “The Sound of Music” in which Julie Andrews sings a neat version of the Do-Re-Mi musical exercise. This is an excellent way to learn the vowels commonly used in English:

Do, a deer, a female deer
Re, a drop of golden sun
Mi, a name I call myself
Fa, a long long way to run
So, a needle and some thread (check that line… going on memory)
La, a note to follow So
Ti, a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do…

cesarmalo, actually it depends on the level of class your teaching and the topic that you are going to tackle for the day.Anyway, if it is an oral reading class, breathing and mouth exercises would be good. If the topic is poetry or comprehension , then Enya’s music would be a very good preparation leading to the discussion. But in most English topics, an action song would be a very good warm-up activity.
I hope I have helped you.