Some ideas for the following statement: Salary increases and promotions...

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Can u provide me with some ideas for the following statement.

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Salary increases and promotions to new positions are not the only ways to reward employees for good work. What other rewards for good work can be effective in encouraging furthur good work? Use specific examples to support your response

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If you have experienced working for someone, I would write about the way you would like to be treated and rewarded.


what about vacation on Hawaii? or a brand new auto from boss with love? :slight_smile:
imho, it also depends on the kind of work one is doing. For instance, scientist’s best reward is to see his new development being used by a large number of people - no internal (corporative) reward can compete with that. For a teacher the simple gratitude from former students may be enough to provide further inspiration for good deeds :slight_smile: Same is for a doctor. What would You choose: promotion and plus 10$ to your salary, or being able to say to yourself “hey, I’ve saved this guy’s life…”, when bumping up in a person on the street…

I’d choose both :wink: