Some General GRE Questions

I am looking to take the GRE this coming Spring. But before I do, I have a few general questions.

1). How long do the scores last? I plan on taking it Spring 2006. I am going out of the country from Summer 2006 - Summer 2007. I plan on starting graduate school in Fall 2007.

2). How are the scores actually submitted to your schools of choice? I have read that, with the computerized GRE, at the end of the test you are immediately asked whether you want to send your results to the schools. You are not given your score. Is this true? Does this also mean you must know AT THE TIME you take the test, what schools you wish to apply to? This seems like a very stress-inducing system, and I hope I read wrong.

Thanks for any information you can supply :wink:

Hello Doggan,

  1. Scores are valid for 5 years from the date you take the test.

  2. You are given the opportunity at the beginning of the test to select the schools to which you wish to send your scores at no additional charge. You also must choose to “grade” the test–meaning your scores are final and submitted to those schools–before your grade is shown. An alternative is that you can select no schools at the beginning and then have your scores submitted afterwards, but you will pay for each school that is sent an official grade report.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the reply David. Your help is much appreciated!

Clarification on the above, however. Does this mean that you will:

1). Select no schools at the beginning
2). Complete the test
3). Be shown your score
4). Select schools you wish to send your scores to (if any), but at an additional charge.

If this is correct, then I am quite relieved. The key thing I am hoping for is the ability to see my scores before I decide to send them to a school.

Do you happen to know the amount of additional charge?