Some Doubts (GRE analogy questions)

Hi everyone,
I am going to take my GRE test on the 20th of september. I would like to know that in order to score 800 in the quantitative section is it necessary to get all 30 questions right.I am not very sure about it because i think i read somewhere that you can get a score of 800 even with a couple of mistakes.Please let me know.

Also i have certain analogy questions for which i cant undertsand the rationale.Please reply

    (A) gift : package
    (B) necklace : garment
    © room : house
    (D) hat : millinery
    (E) faucet : sink

  2. MOCK : IMITATE ::
    (A) satirize : charm
    (B) condense : summarize
    © placate : assuage
    (D) adapt : duplicate
    (E) taunt : challenge

  3. PRUNE : HEDGE ::
    (A) shuck : corn
    (B) trim : hair
    © cut : bouquet
    (D) reap : crop
    (E) shave : mustache

    (A) lawn : house
    (B) gangway : ship
    © aisle : stage
    (D) hallway : building
    (E) sidewalk : garage

  5. GROW : BURGEON ::
    (A) beat : palpitate
    (B) transport : enrapture
    © flourish : thrive
    (D) rot : decay
    (E) evolve : multiply

    (A) impudent : intolerant
    (B) furtive : surreptitious
    © incisive : trenchant
    (D) receptive : gullible
    (E) verbose : prolix

  1. SUITCASE is a type of LUGGAGE ::
    (D) hat is a type of millinery

  2. MOCK is to IMITATE negatively ::
    (E) taunt is to challenge negatively

  3. PRUNE is to cut off superfluous growth from a HEDGE ::
    (B) trim is to cut off superfluous growth from hair

  4. DRAWBRIDGE is a bridge to a CASTLE ::
    (B) gangway is a bridge to a ship

  5. To GROW quickly is to BURGEON ::
    (A) to beat quickly is to palpitate

  6. PATRIOTIC in a negative way is CHAUVINISTIC ::
    (D) receptive in a negative way is gullible
    (A has no relationship. B, C, E are synonyms)