some, any

What the difference of some and any? When I must say anywhere or somewhere, somebody or anybody, anything or something, etc

These words differ by their frequency of use in positive and negative sentences, but not even one is, by any means, restricted to either.

[i]I would like some coffee.
I don’t want any coffee.

I want to go somewhere.
We never go anywhere.

I want to dance with somebody who loves me.
I don’t want to dance with anybody tonight.

I am trying to find something good to say.
Well, if you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing at all.[/i]

That is the common pattern, but is widely broken and often with good cause.

I don’t like some of these people. - This means you dislike a certain number but not all.

I don’t like any of these people. - You dislike everybody.

I would be happy with any of the prizes. - The specific prize no matter, you will be pleased.

I would be happy with some of the prizes. - I would be pleased by some, but others are unacceptable.

I have never known someone this rude.
I have never known anyone this rude.
- Same meaning; second is more natural.

I like anybody. - I like every person I meet.
I like somebody. - There is one person in question I like.

I will go anywhere. - There is no limit to where I am willing to go.
I will go somewhere. - I will go to an unspecified or unknown place but not necessarily any place.