Some, any and determiners

Hey, what’s up?

Anyone could help me with some warm ups in order to explain what I put in the topic…Ah, and if you can recommend a web site where I can find out this I’d appreciate it (no offense English-net) :mrgreen:

Thanks in advance!

What is it precisely that you are looking for, Sergio?

ok!..I just want to make a warm up, WHATEVER, which involves the determiners(a, an , the, some and any) That’s it…

Thank you again!

Okay, here’s something. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence:

  1. I own ___ dog.
    a) a
    b) an

  2. She is ___ angel.
    a) a
    b) an

  3. ____ people are cool.
    a) Some
    b) Any

  4. I don’t have ____ glue.
    a) some
    b) any

  5. ____ road is called Belle Boulevard.
    a) A
    b) The

I know that there are a lot of pickles in the barrel, but they all look the same to me. Just give me ____ pickle, please!
a) a
b) the


Why don’t you write tests ‘for real’, Tom (but maybe you already do). I mean funny tests, but in earnest, if that makes sense. :?

One of my favorite confusions of “some” and “any” came during my days in Eastern Europe, right after communism and all its shortages.

My landlady used to get the two words mixed up, and she’d say, “I’m going to the store to buy anything for dinner.” We native speakers used to laugh and correct her, because what she said meant, “If there is any food in the store at all – even rotten food, or disgusting food, or even food people do not eat for dinner – I will buy it!”


I’ve never thought of doing it in any formal sense. It is fun to do, though (scratches head), now that you mention it.

I will say, figuring out an example which showcases the merits of “a/an” over “the” was difficult – making the sentence(s) such that “a/an” is obviously the correct option (or at least the better option) was tough.

Now watch someone come up with a really simple sentence (three words or so) with the next post in this thread. hehe

It should be “the” for sure! Am I correct?

No. ‘The’ applies to a specified pickle, but they all look the same.

Okay! So, it is “a” here, I usually get confused with compound sentences :o