Solve GRE analogy - indiscretion : convention

Please solve this analogy… Please specify the bridge also

(I specially request Yankee to give me an answer… She solved the previous one very well… THANK U Yankee)

overdose : prescription :: _________ : _________

a) drug : medicine
b) deprivation : materialism
c) indiscretion : convention
d) affliction : sympathy

Thank You Yankee!

Hi abhi_ofdoon

Thanks for the kind words. :smiley:

But, why don’t we do things a little differently this time? I’ll pick the answer and then you tell me what you think the bridge is.

I’d go for: c) indiscretion : convention


Hi Yankee,

I think the bridge between overdose:prescription and indiscretion:convention is that of — UNRESTRICTED : RESTRICTED

Prescription is restricted(medicin or food in restricted ammount) whereas overdose iis unrestricted. Similarly convention is something done in a restricted and quotidian fashion whearas indesrition reffer to something done without any restriction (done on our own - at our will)

Is the bridge correct ??
Please tell me soon, i am eager to know !!

Hi abhi_ofdoon

I’m not sure that you can say there is any one single “correct” bridge, but I do think varying bridges would at least have a similar logic/meaning.

Your bridge sounds good to me. :smiley:
What do you think of these as possible “alternative” bridges?
non-standard : standard
unacceptable : acceptable
not recommended : recommended


Your Answers also seems Good… But I am still not sure which one is the most appropriate one