So we all went off


So we all went off, the doctor and the prisoner and myself, and spent the rest of the night at my house. It’s not clear to me what means “we all went off in that case”. Can you help me?

Hi Francis, to me it could be that either you people moved from the doctor’s or the prisoner’s house or the place where you people were standing or sitting to your house. So to me went off means ‘moved away’.

That is correct, Ebenezer, but your explanation might give the idea that it was a permanent move. That is not the case.

‘We all went off’ is simply an informal way of saying, ‘we all left the place/moved from the place where we were’ with the idea that you went somewhere else (usually before mentioning where you went instead, as in this case).

Hi Ebenezer Adu and Bev,

Thanks for your attention. By the way, I wish you a Happy New Year! :wink: