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Weather forecast

Weatherman: Well, oh, listen and be quiet.

Man: Oh, I’ll listen and be quiet.

Weatherman: And don’t interrupt.

Man: Oh, yeah. I won’t interrupt.

Weatherman: Will you sit down?

Man: I’ll sit down.

Weatherman: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Here is today’s weather forecast. It’s not very good; I’m afraid there’s a storm coming up.

Man: Oh, you said, you predicted there would be sunshine for the rest of the week.

Weatherman: Well, you can never be sure what’s going to happen anyway. Don’t interrupt. As I was saying, there is a storm coming up because there is warm air moving from the south which is
meeting cold air from the north.

Man: So, that’s why we have storms. Warm air is meeting cold air?

Weatherman: Yes. As I was saying… what was I saying?

Man: You were talking about the storm.

Weatherman: Oh, oh, yes. There’s a nasty storm coming, I’m afraid.

Man: Which means that it’ll be stormy and windy and rainy with lots of thunder and lightning?

Weatherman: Yes. Cloudy, rainy, windy, with lots of thunder and lightning. Would you sit down? Who’s doing this weather forecast, you or me?

Man: You are. You are the weatherman, so take it.

Weatherman: Thank you. And now for today’s temperatures.

Man: Temperatures?

Weatherman: Yes, how hot and how cold it would be. As usual, I give the temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

What does “so take it” mean in this dialogue?

Thank you

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The man returns the floor to the weatherman and tells him to continue with the forecast.


Thank you so much, Torsten :tulip:

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