So our personal identity, our ID, is complete now

Talking about ID



Woman: I was born in Northern Ireland.

Man: Kuwait.

Woman: Japan.

Woman: As for me, my family comes from Hong kong.

Man: Where is that?

Woman: Next to China. Mario, you are reporting, you should know that.

Man: Just Kidding. So, you’re Chinese.

Woman: Yes, and I’m also Canadian. Mario, what about you? Where were you born?

Man: I was born in toronto, but my parents were born in Italy. So, I’m Italian-Canadian.

Woman: And I’m Chinese-Canadian, and I have the ID to prove it.

Man: Oh, you mean proof of identity?

Woman: Yes.

Man: I was born in toronto, I have lots of ID too, I have a bankcard, I have a birth certificate, Visa card, a license…

Woman: We often have to prove our identity to show proof of ID.
One place where you need to show your ID is at Customs…

Man: Citizenship card…

Woman: Another is at the bank, or when you get your driver’s license, or when the police stop you for driving too fast.

Man: So our personal identity, our ID, is complete now.

Woman: Name, address, phone number, date of birth, place of birth, nationality.


What does “personal identity” mean in this dialogue?

Does it mean “ID card”?

Thank you

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‘Personal identity’ is not a common thing to say. I think he just means that an ID is used to verify who you are as a person.

So the ID is used to identify the person.

Identity is who the person is.
ID (short for identification card) is a way to prove who they are.
Identify is the verb to find out or verify who the person is.


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What a strange thing to say.

I wonder if they give a clue as to what they mean near the beginning of the segment.

In the video, the Man is gesturing with his wallet as he says this, so my impression is that he’s referring to the collection of ID cards that provides all of the information that he thinks is required. But, calling it a personal identity just doesn’t seem right.


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Very good.