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Hi, people! Sorry for posting the same doubt again, but I just realized that I probably had done so in the wrong section of the forum! Well, I’m new to the website so I’m still trying to find my way.

Well, to make a long story short: there’s this author who’s getting on my nerves! I have to deliver a paper the next few days, and although he’s quite insightful and smart, he makes it very hard for me to quote him, as I have to translate (into Spanish) all the quotes. A translation from English to English, in this case, would be enough, though! He says:

What do you guys think he means by that phrase? I was tempted to take it as “to the extent that”, but the adverb “ever” makes me thing he means something hypothetical or conditional, used for stylistic purposes, rather than “to the degree that” in the sense of the amount/intensity to which something happens or is made.

So it comes across to me as: “Roman civilization eventually appeared everywhere, as one single thing, if/provided there was ever such a thing as a Roman Civilization”.

But that’d be so awkward at the same time: why would he cast into doubt such a strong statement?

Quite tricky! : op

I hope you guys help me get out of this mess!

Thanks for your attention


Hi Sharap ,
I think the meaning of (so far as it was ever achieved ) is that the achievement (impact) of Roman Civilization exist till present time and will contiue at all times .
Don’t be confused with the adverb . Try to understand the individual meaning for each word then you will get the general meaning .
Are you seeking a paraphrase for the quote ?

Have a nice time

Hey there, Raghab,

Thanks for the reply. So do you think that the author means something like “the feat achieved by Roman Civilization in spreading its culture and domain throughout Europe was unprecedented at the time and has not been matched yet”?

Thanks again. Take care!

Hi Sharap ;

not necessarly , because nothing in the text shows that it is unprecedent .