Smoking Ban

More and more people begin to smoke, although they exactly know the fatal consequences of smoking. What is the worst thing, it effects nonsmokers negatively too who is regularly exposed to smoke of the addicted. Particularly, because of that, I am totally in favour of taking some measures to reduce consumption of tobacco among the people.

To begin with, the first measure is to ban smoking in public places and at work, so above all, nonsmokers would be protected. As a result of decreasing number of places, and opportunities to smoke, people reduce smoking or give up it by themselves. Moreover, this have positive influence on the younger smoker who would not see so many mature nicotine addicted people around whom they generally pattern. By the way, I mean whit public places restraunts, cafes, trains , but not private houses and streets.

On the top that, price rise of cigarette boxes is another disincentive measure, espacially to young smokers, since most of them do not earn their own money, so they can not afford this extra increasing expense.

What is more, people under 18 do not have to be sold cigarrette ,and not to be allowed to advertise directly or indirectly in printed and visual press. These rules have to be implmented by government strictly, and who disobeys this implementation have to be punished toughly.

Finally, both government and nongovernmental organizations should carry out information campaign of bad effects of smoking, and they may give a role to celebrities such as famous athletes, singers, and movie stars which have major impact on societies, in particular on the youngs.

To sum up, millions of people are dying every year from diseases related with smoking. I strongly believe that all measures, as I mentioned above, should be taken indisputablely, in order to protect us.

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