doesn't work? Study for SAT.

Hey guys, i have heard people using smartdoodle to study for their SATs, i have encountered problems while downloading the lecture. i have already downloaded the software and installed it successfully and when i download separate lectures, it pops up a downloading screen(brown) and says URL is invalid. the download screen downloads forever. i wonder what is the problem with that and why. can som1 please help me?

Hi xxwarxpertxx,

I was able to download and install the SmartDoodle Reader but then when I want to replay a “Whiteboard Lecture”, the required page doesn’t seem to open. So, it’s not just you who is experiencing problems with their system. I’ll try to get in touch with them and see what they have to say. Meanwhile you might want to use other other SAT materials and resources. When you are going to take your exams?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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im gonna take the SAT in june, i have tons of books at home and i have done much preparations for it. my goal is 2300 and im very inconsistantly getting 1900-2210 on my practice exams(mainly around 2100), i was looking for other materials that might help cuz im sorta stuck and its getting bored too. any suggestions of what i should do?



re: the smartdoodle bug…Try cancelling the download box and then click on the play solution button again. It solves the problem

good luck…

That works for me, I’m running IE.

xxwarxpertxx, I would recommend the guide on , helped me get a 2270, from my original score of 1910.

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yeah (s)he is.

Uh, no I am not…